In Memoriam: Dr. Alexander Samuels

Posted: 05/29/20 4:49 PM

I am saddened to inform the orthodontic community of the passing of my dad, Dr. Alexander Samuels, on May 21, 2020 of natural causes, peacefully, in his own apartment at the age of 93. My father practiced orthodontics for more than 60 years in Queens, New York. He loved his profession. He attended NYU as an undergraduate as well as NYU College of Dentistry’s accelerated program (due to WW2) and graduated in 1948...

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New Suppliers for PPE

Posted: 05/22/20 1:47 PM

The AAO has been communicating with our industry suppliers in order to identify those best-positioned and willing to fulfill large orders from AAO members for PPE, especially masks, face shields, gowns and gloves, in a cost-efficient and time-efficient manner.  New suppliers are being added weekly to the listing. The most recent additions have included AMP Medical PPE and Disinfection, ImageFIRST Healthcare...

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Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week

Posted: 05/22/20 1:41 PM

Have Fun and Recognize Your Valued Employees Remind your team members how important they and their work are to you and your patients by celebrating Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Week 2020 (June 1-5). The AAO provides celebration materials and ideas in an effort to help our members apply HR best practices. You may make use of prepared copy about Staff Appreciation Week, as well as downloadable and customizable We...

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AAO President Interviewed by Fox Business

Posted: 05/20/20 2:52 PM

On Monday, AAO President Dr. Chris Roberts was quoted in an article from Fox Business entitled, “Some orthodontists fearful of coronavirus closures' 'detrimental' effects on patient progress.” An excerpt from Dr. Roberts is below: American Association of Orthodontists President Dr. Chris Roberts explained that orthodontics is often different from general dentistry because the treatment for the former “conti...

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View Updates on PPE Suppliers

Posted: 05/18/20 4:33 PM

There are many complexities surrounding N95 masks and federally authorized KN95 masks, and the AAO is researching these on an ongoing basis. When preparing to purchase these masks, it may be helpful to first review OSHA’s guidance on occupational exposures. Additionally, the AAO COVID-19 Task Force has prepared a guide, “Interim Orthodontic PPE Summary Based on Current CDC and OSHA Guidelines.” N9...

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Clarification on OSHA Guidance for Dentistry Workers and Employers

Posted: 05/14/20 12:21 PM

AAO COVID-19 Task Force Obtains Clarification from OSHA During the week of May 4, 2020, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a document providing guidance for Dentistry Workers and Employers. A copy of that document can be viewed on OSHA’s website here. On May 11, 2020, a team of AAO representatives met by phone with representatives of OSHA to obtain clarification regarding the OSHA gui...

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Worksheet: Creating A 90 Day Cash Flow Plan

Posted: 05/14/20 12:17 PM

Cain Watters & Associates has created a guide for AAO to help members create a 90 day cash flow plan for reopening their practice. It looks at the cash flow of an orthodontic practice experiencing a two-month shutdown and the financial implications in the resulting months as the business begins to reopen and see patients. It helps define the cash coming in and out of the practice and then provides an actual work...

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Frontload Your Practice’s Recovery with Proactive Recall Management

Posted: 05/14/20 12:15 PM

Among the experts who have offered in-depth recommendations for AAO members is Mary Beth Kirkpatrick, managing partner of Impact360 Consulting and founder and president of Gaidge, a cloud-based business analytics dashboard for orthodontists. To build new revenue from starts, she recommends that orthodontists initially focus on those who have been in monitoring/recall status, so as to quickly ramp up new starts follo...

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Start Strong Resources

Posted: 05/13/20 1:52 PM

The AAO is committed to arming orthodontists with the tools they need to thrive. Over two weeks ago, AAO began creating and distributing resources to help orthodontists reopen their practices and have been consistently adding tools. As many AAO members are now reopening, we have shifted the focus of the COVID-19 Resource Center from closure resources to reopening resources to help you make a strong comeback whi...

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HR Guide to Reopen Your Office

Posted: 05/11/20 5:56 PM

As you prepare to reopen your office as the Coronavirus pandemic continues, the HR processes involved will likely be very different from typical workplace employment routines. CEDR HR Solutions offers detailed recommendations for AAO members to work through the process and find solutions to challenges that may arise. CEDR HR addresses how to determine when to resume operations, the process of bringing back employ...

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