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The NY State Society of Orthodontists Biennial Meeting

The Crowne Plaza, White Plains, NY – Friday, Apr 17, 2020

Practice and Wealth Management for the Orthodontist in an Ever-Changing World…Unique and Rarely-Heard Strategies for You and Your Patients

Trends & Industry Changes You Must Understand to Prosper in the Future

Successful orthodontic practices must evolve to stay relevant and prosper in today’s changing marketplace. Not only are consumers changing, but the orthodontic industry itself is also adapting to many external forces. To stay successful, practice owners must not only understand what is happening, but recognize why change is occurring. This presentation will discuss the facts (based on orthodontic industry data) and focus on where the specialty has been, where it is today, and a view of where it is headed. The last hour will consist of a no-holds barred question and answer session. Come prepared with your burning orthodontic business-related questions – anything from trends, to practice management, to anything in between.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine current consumer trends
  • Understand the difference between disruption vs. innovation
  • Stay competitive today, tomorrow, and plan for the future
  • Recognize growth opportunities in today’s orthodontic landscape

Turbo Charge Your Financial Future into the Top 5% of Orthodontists

Speakers will discuss :

  1. The Financial Mission Statement: Four Wealth Objectives for Ultimate Success
  2. The Three Essential Elements to Structure an Efficient Financial Plan
  3. Debunking Financial Myths
  4. The Gold Standard for Retirement Income: Full Income Replacement
  5. Investing with Confidence and Future Investment Trends
  6. The Financial Enjoyment Factor: Incorporating Charity into Your Plan

Benefits of attending; learn about:

  • How a Financial Plan Can Work Under All Circumstances
  • The Importance of Accelerating Your Wealth and Not Just Accumulating It
  • Why Financial Myths Costs You Millions of Dollars
  • How to Have 100% of Your Pre-retirement Income in Retirement
  • The Importance of an Investment Strategy vs a Financial Product
  • About the Triple Win: Give to Charity, Enhance Your Retirement and Not Disinherit the Family

Intended Audience:  Anyone who plans on retiring in the future!

Course Details
9am-4pm, breakfast 8:30 and lunch included
Friday, Apr 17, 2020
6 ce hrs ADA/CERP

NYSSO Member $225
Nonmember Orthodontist $275
Orthodontic Office Staff $125

Meeting Venue
Crowne Plaza Hotel
66 Hale Ave
White Plains, NY 10601

For more information, click here.

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New York State Society of Orthodontists

The NYSSO Executive board in its efforts to keep its membership informed suggests that if any orthodontist treating patients under the Medicaid Program has questions about the ever changing Medicaid regulations, please click the following link:

Medicaid FAQ

Certified Dental Assistants

Following is info regarding certified orthodontic assisting programs recognized by New York State as meeting the requirements for licensure in New York as a “licensed certified dental assistant”. There are other assisting programs in New York that provide knowledge in dental assisting BUT do not qualify as meeting the requirements of the New York State Education Department for licensure. If one wishes to become a Licensed Certified Dental Assistant, they must complete one of the assisting programs listed by the Education Department on the following website:


Select Search for Programs Leading to a Professional License, the select CERT DENTAL ASST.

To be licensed as a certified dental assistant in New York State you must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • Meet education requirements (Earned a high school diploma or G.E.D. and Completed a licensure-qualifying program in dental assisting or an equivalent program as determined by the State Education Department)
  • Meet examination requirements (Pass a licensing examination administered by DANB)

President: Dr. Yon Lai (yonlai@aol.com)
President-Elect: Dr. Deb New (dnew@rochester.rr.com)
Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. David Muench (david@meunchortho.com)
Director: Dr. Martin Salmon (dr.salmon@hotmail.com)

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