Letter from the President

Posted: 04/22/20 1:41 PM

Dr. Jeffrey BlasiusNESO President Greeting NESO colleagues: With the onslaught of emails, I will attempt to keep this brief.  It is amazing how suddenly and dramatically our worlds have changed in such a brief moment of time.  A new 'normal' has emerged.  The sight of people wearing masks in public, the shelves at our favorite stores being empty, home schooling our children, abandoned vacation plans, mana...

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2020 Spring Letter From the Trustee

Posted: 04/22/20 1:40 PM

Dr. John CallahanTrustee There is No Returning to Normal After Covid-19. But There is a Path Forward.   Rough times. Never thought I’d see the day I’d be forced to close for so long. What a nightmare. And, it’s not over. As I write this on April 15 there is talk about the economy re-starting. What does that mean? And what does it mean for our practices and patients? The shutdown was dramatic and quick. I s...

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The Happiness Revolution from Henry Schein Orthodontics

Posted: 04/22/20 1:39 PM

Social media and selfie culture have inadvertently changed the sphere of orthodontic expectations, desires, and eagerness to attain a perfect smile. Patients now seek to improve their smiles as quickly and easily as possible. Today’s orthodontic patients have a vast selection of treatment options at their fingertips. They are doing research, are decisive, and are clear about the results they want from orthodontic t...

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Advocacy Conference 2020

Posted: 04/22/20 1:33 PM

L. Jeffrey Lowenstein, DMD AAO IN DC: AN UPDATE The AAO’s 2020 legislative priorities have focused on easing the burden of student loan debt, keep borrowing affordable, strengthen repayment options, and preserve access to federal loans and grants for graduate and all professional students. With respect to orthodontic practice concerns, the legislative agenda includes improving healthcare policy, strengthening a...

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AAO Donated Orthodontic Services Program Changes

Posted: 04/22/20 1:31 PM

The AAO Donated Orthodontic Services (DOS) Program is preparing for change in 2020 and they want you to be a part of these exciting efforts. As you know, DOS is a volunteer program providing orthodontic care for children who cannot afford treatment: In 2019 alone, DOS volunteers completed 142 cases. Volunteers have provided more than $5.1 million dollars in donated services, since program inception. Si...

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Residents at AAO Advocacy Day

Posted: 04/22/20 1:30 PM

Dr. Shawheen S. Saffari St. Barnabas Hospital Class of 2021 Participating in the AAO Advocacy Day was an incredible experience, providing perspective in what the association does on Capitol Hill and how those efforts aid its members. Representing the AAO as an orthodontic resident and bringing the hurdles we as a group face, primarily student debt, to the attention of members of Congress and their staff was a pr...

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Guides to facilitating Virtual Appointments with your Patients

Posted: 04/10/20 2:13 PM

Guides to facilitating Virtual Appointments with your Patients from Dr. Michelle Neal and Dr. Kyle Fagala ...

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The Coronavirus and Your Practice

Posted: 03/16/20 6:20 PM

Your Practice: Business Issues Resulting from the Coronavirus As the coronavirus (COVID-19) begins to affect communities in North America, AAO member practices may be impacted in various ways. Possibilities include temporary shutdowns, exposed employees and purchasing delays due to supply chain problems. To help you prepare, below are some facts relevant to these issues and recommended resources for more informati...

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AAO Seeks Candidates for up to Three at-Large Trustee Positions

Posted: 03/10/20 8:12 PM

In an effort to broaden demographic diversity on the AAO Board of Trustees through areas including age, gender, stage of practice, practice modality, race and ethnicity, a resolution to the Bylaws was brought forward to add up to three new at-large Trustee positions to the board. As the association confronts the challenges of our profession, a more diverse Board may offer different opinions and perspectives and may c...

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The NESO Experience

Posted: 12/16/19 7:25 PM

Dr. Shivam Mehta University of Connecticut, 2nd year resident In addition to attending the presentations at NESO, my experience at NESO culminated into monitoring multiple sessions, introducing the speakers and keeping the sessions on schedule. I felt great elation when the staff acknowledged me as their star volunteer, but in hindsight I feel there is much more to it than what meets the eye. The amount of hard wor...

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