NESO 2019

Speaker Program

Rita Bauer
Hands-on Patient Photography Made Easy (Staff) Let’s take the mystery out of patient photography! We will help you fine tune your exposure settings and your techniques to consistently take excellent clinical views for patient documentation and treatment planning. What you will learn: 1) Exposure Calibration for your clinical camera: Calibrate your camera to get well exposed images every time you press the shutter. 2) Techniques for Standardized Patient Photography: Practice the techniques for clinically correct patient photography by photographing each other. 3) Gadgets and Accessories for Photography: Identify the type of mirrors, retractors and other accessories that improve your workflow and reduce patient discomfort. HANDS-ON: Participants bring their own clinical camera with fully charged batteries, retractors and mirrors. Some of the latest camera systems will be provided at the course for those who do not have a camera or are still deciding which camera is best for their practice. Please advise us which camera model, lens and flash you will be bringing to the course at the time of registration.
Pictures for that WOW Effect! (Staff) In a world of quick clickers and impatient scrollers, it’s important to instantly grab the attention of your potential clients. Create memorable images for your website, social media, decorate your practice and connect with the patient, using pictures they will not forget. Get some great ideas for marketing material with YOUR patient pictures that will give your website that WOW feeling and learn the tricks for your fun “paparazzi” pictures that will make the rounds on social media, showing their friends and family that YOURS is the dental practice to choose.
Rita Bauer has become recognized as a leading authority on patient photography for the dental profession. During her 30 years as medical photographer and manager of Photographic Services at the University of Toronto she developed an intensive training session on clinically correct dental photography, incorporating the international standard of medico/legal patient documentation. Since 2005 she divides her time teaching this program internationally through her company Bauer Seminars and continues on a consultant basis at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry. She has trained thousands of dental professionals and has presented close to one thousand invited lectures and in house training sessions throughout the world. Her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and in her fun filled lectures she transforms inexperienced point and shooters into enthusiastic, competent photographers and gives experienced photographers plenty of tips to make a difference in their daily routine.

Chris Bentson
How to Adapt to the Changing Orthodontic Market (Docs) Change is the only constant in life; however, business within your office continues as usual. Orthodontic practices must adapt to today’s fast-changing marketplace in order to thrive today, tomorrow, and plan for the future. Not only are consumers changing, but the orthodontic industry itself is also adjusting to many external forces. To stay successful, one must not only understand what is happening but recognize why change is occurring. This presentation will discuss the facts (based on orthodontic industry data) and focus on where the specialty has been, where it is today, and a view of where it is headed.
Chris Bentson is a partner of Bentson Copple & Associates, LLC based in Greensboro, North Carolina. The company serves the orthodontic community by performing practice valuations, providing recruiting services and negotiating transactions with both buyers and sellers within the United States. He additionally serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Bentson Copple reSource, a quarterly newsletter focused on the business aspects of running a successful orthodontic practice. Chris spends much time working in the orthodontic industry; he currently serves as a committee member for the AAOFTT (American Association Of Orthodontists’ Future Think Tank), an advisory committee member for The AAO Bulletin, an advisory board member for Ortho4D, and board member of the AAOF (American Association of Orthodontists Foundation). In addition, he is a frequent guest lecturer at AAO meetings, regional orthodontic society meetings, orthodontic resident programs, study clubs and orthodontic user meetings.

Rosemary Bray
Memorable First and Last Impressions (Staff) Being the first impression and the last impression of the practice is a critical responsibly for any team member. This talk will highlight the importance of this role, define the main objectives in wowing people and help the audience to understand why patients are happy or not happy with the practice and how you can diffuse and calm an upset patient, or create one! Patients who cannot get past the initial moments will never discover DR’s great clinical skills. Anyone who works near the front desk or is a DR or works chair side in the practice and has to have people skills that are far better than their technical skills. Why?
Rosemary Bray spent more than 30 years employed in the dental profession, both in clinical and administrative roles, with experience in general dentistry, periodontics and her last 17 years in Orthodontics – all in San Diego. She left her quality, fun Orthodontic practice in 1998 to begin her self employment as a speaker and consultant in Orthodontics and Dentistry and she is now proudly celebrating her 50th anniversary in teeth! Yes, that was 50 years! She has lectured and worked on every continent except Antarctica (penguins must not care about teeth) and in all 50 of the United States, on behalf of the AAO, Orthodontic companies, numerous state and local dental societies, Ortho and dental study groups, in-office consulting and for her own workshops and seminars. She is the founder of the very popular annual Ortho Camp seminar on the beaches of Mexico which came to a terrific happy conclusion in Cancun after 12 successful years!

Laura Cafik-Martin
Food for Thought. The importance of Hospitality in the orthodontic practice (Staff) Why didn’t they book? Many Treatment Coordinators assume that a patient didn’t start because they simply didn’t want what they were offered – or they chose someone cheaper. The truth is… It’s NOT about the price. It’s NOT that they don’t want the treatment. It’s about the experience and understanding the patient’s wants and desires – and then showing them how you can get them to their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible while exceeding their expectations every step of the way. At this lecture, Laura welcomes you to the table as she shares her success stories and tips with you, with the intent you can help more potential patients SAY YES!
Laura Cafik-Martin has been in the dental industry as a certified dental assistant since 1997. Working at two general practices before joining Dr. Will Dayan as his Treatment Coordinator in 2003. The two collaborated and developed a unique communication and presentation style that always exceeded patient’s expectations for 16yrs. Laura began lecturing in 2014 sharing her experience and quickly became recognized for her enthusiastic teaching methods. She has been a popular speaker at the AAO, Invisalign Summit, Align study clubs, corperate events throughout North America and abroad. Laura is now training the next level TC’s. Incorporating dental education, sales, communication skills and gaining confidence with aligner orthodontic knowledge. Laura is also a Master TC Coach at YourOrthoCoach and offers Immersion Programs annually in Toronto alongside Dr. Will Dayan, Dr. David Walt and Invisalign Coordinator Brit Mark.

Louie Costa
Optimal Perioral Aesthetics’ for the “Maturing” Orthodontic Patient (Docs) The Leo Tolstoy quote still holds for the mature, aging orthodontic patient. “Nothing has such a decisive influence on one’s life as his or her appearance and not the appearance itself but the conviction of its attractiveness or unattractiveness”. Orthodontists are treating these more “mature” patients who expect a treatment plan sensitive to their overall aesthetic goals. There are no age related changes after forty that enhance appearance. To serve our patients best, we should be familiar with what these age related distractions are and the means to address them.
Louie Costa graduated from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, in 1974. He received his D.M.D. degree from the Medical University of South Carolina as first honor graduate and recipient of the “Golden Hands Award” in 1979. He went on to complete his Oral and Maxillofacial surgery training at the Medical University of Alabama, College of Dental Medicine. He attended medical school and received his M.D. degree from the Medical University of Alabama and was the recipient of The Special Award for Academic Scholarship graduating with a 4.0 GPA. He subsequently performed his internship in general surgery and his head and neck surgery residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Costa completed his academic training with a fellowship in Facial Plastic Surgery through the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Costa is a clinical professor in Plastic Surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina and a clinical professor of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery at the Medical University of Alabama.

Willy Dayan
Levelling the Occlusal Plane with Aligners:  Posterior Intrusion, Canted Occlusal Planes and more (Blended) Using clinical slides and cases treated in private practice, the presentation will demonstrate the following principles: Anterior Smile Levelling: Extrusion and Intrusion, Posterior Intrusion, and Correcting Canted Occlusal Planes. Alginer orthodontics is a key element in preparing these multi-disciplinary cases, join Dr. Willy Dayan on this journey in orthodontic treatment planning and execution, so that your own cases will start to benefit from this exciting type of orthodontic treatment we never thought was possible.
Willy Dayan received his DDS from the University of Toronto in 1986. Following a year of general practice residency at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital and two years in private general practice, he returned to the University of Toronto and completed his diploma in Orthodontics in 1991. Dr. Dayan attends the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education. Dr. Dayan’s Toronto practice provides all techniques of orthodontic services: Invisalign, Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s), porcelain and metal braces, lingual braces, TMD and bruxism appliances. In addition to his full-time private practice in orthodontics, Dr. Dayan is also a clinical instructor of Orthodontics. His teaching expertise lies in areas of: Invisalign, Esthetic Adult Orthodontic Techniques, and Rehabilitative Orthodontics in preparation for Cosmetic Reconstructive Dentistry, Patient Interviews and Treatment Presentation Skills. He has been a guest lecturer at multiple conventions and meetings worldwide and continues to lecture at the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Toronto on regular basis.

Stephen de Wit
Healthy work spaces focusing on diversity, sexual harassment and the #metoo movement (Blended) Join Sexologist Dr. Stephen de Wit for this high energy, interactive and illuminating presentation on navigating the often challenging world of creating a healthy work space. Walk away with tools and techniques that you can implement immediately to positively impact your work environment and make it a great place to work and become a magnet for new patients.
Stephen de Wit is a Board Certified Sexologist through the American College of Sexologists. He holds a Master of Public Health in Human Sexuality and a Doctorate of Human Sexuality. Toronto’s Hassle Free Clinic is where Stephen started as a sexual health counselor and now travels both nationally and internationally speaking about sexual empowerment. He is also a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. As a sexuality educator, therapist and consultant he is committed that people live a sexually empowered life free from guilt, shame and fear and have relationships that work. Stephen is regularly featured in national newspapers and television shows providing relevant, thought provoking sex education and information. He is a master at creating a fun, safe, comfortable environment for people to take an honest look at their sex lives and transform what is not working.

Marianna Evans
Palatal expansion with skeletal anchorage: periodontal and airway rationale (Docs) The upper jaw carries a unique anatomic position as it separates nasal and oral cavities. Patients with maxillary deficiencies often present with compromised daytime and nighttime breathing due to anatomic upper airway constrictions and soft tissue obstructions. Current evidence suggests that maxillary expansion may promote respiratory function in many of these situations by opening nasal passages. Conventional tooth-supported palatal expanders can at times produce unfavorable periodontal outcomes. The introduction of the temporary skeletal anchorage into rapid maxillary expansion appliances eliminates orthopedic forces applied directly to the teeth. In doing so, orthodontists can avoid adverse periodontal effects, achieve required skeletal maxillary expansion in nongrowing patients without surgery and control skeletal and dental post-expansion movements in three dimensions. This course will assist clinicians to incorporate comprehensive three dimensional management of the maxillary hypoplasia and optimize Rapid Palatal Expansion with Temporary Anchorage Devices in their everyday practice.
Marianna Evans is a board-certified dual specialist in Orthodontics and Periodontics practicing in the greater Philadelphia area. She received her DMD degree and specialty training at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Evans frequently lectures on airway orthodontics, guided facial growth, interdisciplinary care and periodontal plastic surgery. She co-founded OrthoPerio Institute and recently developed 4D Morphotropic Orthodontics™ expansion protocol and periodontal health.

Kayla Hoorelbeke
Prep & Landing: Sales Steps Beyond the New Patient Exam (Staff) In the New Patient Process, it’s not all about reaching cruising altitude. Your “takeoff” leading up to the exam and the “descent” following the exam play just as much of a role in your sales success. Buckle up as we discuss what you can you do to gear up for an optimal New Patient Exam, how you can make an impact even after they’ve scheduled a start appointment, and which crewmembers play a role during these stages of the process. In this presentation, we will: Identify the pre-exam stages and post-exam stages of the selling process. Analyze the best way to handle new patient inquiries and intake to use them as ideal tools in your New Patient Exam. Learn the importance of the start appointment and treatment follow up in the sales process to promote future production.
Kayla Hoorelbeke, armed with a degree in Marketing, minor in Accounting, and a Masters in Business Administration, brings a unique combination of creativity, analytical thinking, and management insight to the world of orthodontics. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Miami, Kayla has more than a decade of experience in the orthodontic industry as the Vice President of JMShoemaker Consulting, Inc. and Founder of Informed Image, LLC. Her experience provides the opportunity to differentiate between and improve upon both the marketing performance and sales performance of a practice while still understanding the financial and business implications.

Jim Janakievski
Tooth Autotransplantation can Help Solve Dilemmas in our Orthodontic Patients (Docs) Orthodontists are often faced with treatment planning dilemmas for patients presenting with complex impacted, congenitally missing, and traumatized teeth. Treatment options usually include extraction, space closure or space appropriation for a future dental implant. Tooth autotransplantation can provide additional options for these patients aimed at tooth preservation and ridge management.
Jim Janakievski received his D.D.S. from the University of Toronto, which was followed by a general practice residency. After several years in general practice, he completed his post-graduate training at the University of Washington, where he received a certificate in Periodontology with a M.S.D. degree and a fellowship in Prosthodontics. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, a member of the American Academy of Periodontology and a Fellow of the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. He is a reviewer for several dental journals and has published in the area of interdisciplinary dentistry, dental implants and tooth autotransplantation. Dr. Janakievski is an affiliate assistant professor at the University of Washington and also teaches at Spear Education in Scottsdale Arizona. In addition, he participates in practice based clinical research through the McGuire Institute. He maintains a private practice in Tacoma, Washington.

Laurence Jerrold
Referral Liability in an Interdisciplinary World (Docs) The attendee will be exposed to the Standard of Care underpinning the duty to refer. Appropriate mechanisms for referral will be discussed as will the exposures to liability that occurs from negligent referrals.
Laurence Jerrold is a former Program Director for 4 ADA accredited orthodontic programs. His background includes 25 years of private practice in both orthodontics and law, and 20 years in full time academia teaching orthodontics, clinical bioethics, and engaging in post-doctoral educational administration. He received his DDS as well as his Orthodontic Specialty Certification from NYU College of Dentistry. A firm believer in education he obtained his JD from Touro University and followed that up with a Certificate in Bioethics and the Humanities from Columbia University. When he became Board Certified in Orthodontics he was recognized as the world’s first 3rd generation board certified orthodontist. Dr. Jerrold has presented or written well over 400 lectures, articles, textbook chapters, and multi-media presentations dealing with orthodontic practice, risk management, and clinical ethics. In addition, he is the Legal Editor for the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics and is an Associate Editor and reviewer for several other orthodontic journals.

Jeff Kozlowski
An Efficient Approach to Managing Impacted Canines (Blended) The management of impacted canines is one of the more mechanically challenging procedures the orthodontist faces on a regular basis. In this presentation Dr. Kozlowski will show you how to reduce your stress, streamline your clinical protocols and increase your efficiency when managing impacted canines. While clinical mechanics is the foundation of efficient eruption of impacted canines, it is often the surgical exposure technique that is the most important part of the equation. This presentation will cover numerous options for impacted canine management and will cover both the clinical orthodontic mechanics and the surgical considerations in varying impacted canine cases.
Jeff Kozlowski has a unique perspective on the importance of clinical efficiency in the business of orthodontics. With a background in Economics and Finance rather than Biology and Histology, numbers and systems prevail over osteoblasts and osteoclasts. While his experience in orthodontics is varied – opening a start-up – to running a large multi-location practice – to lecturing around the world – the one thing that has always been constant is the importance of achieving great clinical results with the least amount of effort.

Neal D. Kravitz
A Guide to People Management: Understanding Your Patients’ and Staffs’ Personality Types (Blended) The DiSC theory is popular classification system originating in the 1920’s that categorizes all individuals into four primary behavior types: D-Dominant; I-Influential; S-Steady; and C-Conscientious. The aim of the DiSC theory was to categorize people by their temperaments in order to improve interpersonal relationships. In other words, if we know how people will interact, we will know how to treat them. For the orthodontist, understanding DiSC will increase case closure, highlight which patients are challenging to treat, and aid in hiring the appropriate staff. Teaching DiSC is my absolute favorite subject, and I promise this will be one of the most important lectures you will hear all weekend.
Neal D. Kravitz, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, member of the Edward Angle Society North Atlantic component, and Associate Editor for the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. Dr. Kravitz is a graduate of Columbia University and received his D.M.D., from the University of Pennsylvania. He maintains three thriving orthodontic practices and one pediatric practice in Northern Virginia. Dr. Kravitz is a prolific writer and a passionate editor for numerous journals. He lectures internationally on treatment planning, practice management, ethics, and biomechanics, quickly building a reputation as one of the country’s most dynamic speakers.

Bonnie Marcus
Authentic and Effective Self-promotion (without losing your integrity) (Docs) Self-promotion is tricky business. If we are too blatant about it, we turn people off. If we are too subtle, we run the risk of being invisible in a crowded field. In this presentation, Bonnie shows you how to strike a balance with an effective way to advocate for yourself…without losing your integrity.
Bonnie Marcus Award winning entrepreneur, speaker, Forbes columnist, and published author, Bonnie Marcus assists professional women to successfully position and promote themselves to advance their careers. Her book, The Politics of Promotion: How High Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead provides a road map for women to navigate the complexities of their workplace to get the promotion they deserve. With 20+ years of sales and management experience, Bonnie’s extensive business background includes CEO of a ServiceMaster company and VP of Sales at Medical Staffing Network and two others national companies in the healthcare and software industries. She has held executive positions in startup companies and Fortune 500 companies. honored Women’s Success Coaching three years in a row as one of the Top 100 Websites for Professional Women stating, “Women’s Success Coaching weighs on the many building blocks of empowering women in business, from assertive communication to self promotion to sensitivity training.” Bonnie received a BA from Connecticut College and a M.Ed. from New York University.

Mazyar Moshiri
Biomechnical Tips for More Effective Clear Aligner Treatment (Blended) It’s “clear” that plastic aligners are here to stay. When using this appliance, our goals should be to achieve the same results and outcomes as fixed. However, when dealing with software decisions and projections versus actual clinical outcomes, there may be a disconnect with resultant finishes being less than desirable. This is no fault of the aligner, but perhaps rather a lack of appropriate feedback on the part of the treating orthodontist. Please join us as we review important, repeatable suggestions to improve your clear aligner outcomes and predictability.
Mazyar Moshiri maintains his private practice in St. Louis, MO alongside his father and sister. In addition to leading multiple Ask the Expert webinars, Dr. Moshiri was a lead educator for Class II Kit solutions for Invisalign, and the Deep Bite Solutions of Invisalign G5. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Saint Louis University Center for Advanced Dental Education, where he teaches with a clinical focus on the use of Invisalign. Dr. Moshiri is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

Peter Ngan
Early orthopedic treatment to improve patient profile and self-esteem (Docs) This presentation will address the indications and timing for early orthodontic and orthopedic treatment. The age factor, growth pattern, and the severity of the malocclusion affect the treatment outcome. Long-term treatment records will be presented to illustrate the stability after early orthodontic and orthopedic treatment.
Peter Ngan is Professor and Chairman, Department of Orthodontics, West Virginia University, School of Dentistry since July, 1994. He is also head of the Division of Pediatric Dentistry at WVU, School of Dentistry. Dr. Peter Ngan holds a dental degree from Harvard University, School of Dental Medicine (May, 1984) and Certificates in Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry and Hospital Dentistry from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine/ Children Hospital of Philadelphia (May, 1984). He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics (May 1994) and Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (May 1988). He is a member of the Angle East (Eastern Component of the Edward H. Angle Society). He was inducted as Fellow of the American College of Dentists (October, 2008), Fellow of the International College of Dentists (October 2010) and Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy (May 2011).

Sonia Palleck
Solving the Patient Puzzle: Digital Orthodontics with Insignia (Docs) Every patient presents to us as a puzzle to be solved. Traditionally orthodontists have been taught to study the problem at length and imagine a solution in our minds. Standard appliances are applied which require us to work out the shortfalls of the system in the patient’s mouth, hoping to gain an acceptable result in an acceptable amount of time. Insignia allows us to change our focus and requires us to reverse our thought process. By developing a clear solution prior to initiating treatment and working with an appliance system that more closely approximates the goals of treatment for the patient, we can work more effectively and efficiently. Join Dr. Palleck as she demonstrates how using Insignia and starting with the end in mind unlocks the patient puzzle.
Sonia Palleck has been in a solo private practice for 20 years, having graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1999 with her Masters in Clinical Orthodontics. She promptly set up her office in Woodstock with a focus on efficiency and technology. She has been a clinical instructor at her alma mater for the past ten years teaching residents how to use the Insignia custom appliance system. Dr. Palleck has lectured internationally about her clinical experiences with acceleration technology and the impact that it has had on her operations, system and life. She is the proud mom of a beautiful daughter, Djuka and resides with her in London, Ontario, Canada.

LeeAnn Peniche
The Trigger (Staff) Getting to yes is a series of milestones. Each milestone is a Trigger that gets us one step closer to a signed agreement. The Triggers include creating a destination, a team voice and a brand that is relevant to today’s consumer. Join LeeAnn Peniche as she shares the key points that Trigger maximum results.
LeeAnn Peniche has consistently brought smiles to orthodontists for more than 30 years through innovative, proven and proprietary Systems. As the founder and President of Peniche & Associates, she has earned a reputation as one of the country’s premier orthodontic consultants who specialize in case acceptance, scripting, marketing and practice systemization. Over 3,000 practices have experienced first-hand her creative outlook, years of expertise and proven track record of success. LeeAnn’s life has been committed to providing Orthodontists and their practices with the tools and Systems for their continued success through lectures, in office training as well as her trademarked Treatment Coordinator Intensive™ Workshop and the exclusive Office Management Academy.

Benjamin Pliska
Orthodontic Considerations in Sleep Disordered Breathing (Docs) Recent studies have highlighted the significant negative impact of sleep disordered breathing in children, and the role orthodontists can play in the management of this disease has become better defined. This presentation will re-examine the relationship between sleep disordered breathing and craniofacial growth and development in light of new clinical data. The current evidence related to orthodontic treatment effects on obstructive sleep apnea and the airway, as well as more controversial adjunctive therapies will be discussed.
Benjamin Pliska is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario School of Dentistry, and obtained his Certificate in Orthodontics and Master’s Degree in Dentistry from the University of Minnesota. He is an Assistant Professor of the University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry, an Orthodontic Consultant at B.C. Children’s Hospital and maintains a private practice in Vancouver as a certified specialist in Orthodontics. Dr. Pliska’s research interests include craniofacial imaging and sleep medicine.

Christopher Riolo
Maximizing treatment aesthetics and efficiency in Orthodontic treatment (Staff) Digital orthodontics has led to a proliferation of custom appliances, including clear aligner systems and both custom lingual and buccal fixed appliances; and has facilitated the current disruption of the orthodontic marketplace due to the rise of the direct to patient care model. Fortunately, the same digital technology that is responsible for the current disruption also presents opportunities for orthodontists to improve the care we offer our patients by taking control of our workflow using “in-house” 3D printing. I will show examples of how “in-house” workflow can provide not only the most aesthetic orthodontic treatment but in many instances, also the most efficient treatment for many of our orthodontic patients. I will also illustrate how a custom lingual fixed appliance system can be fabricated “in-house” using 3D printing. This same technology could be extended to the fabrication of in-house custom buccal appliances.
Christopher Riolo received his DDS from the University of Michigan. He received his Specialty Certificate and MS in Orthodontics at the University of Detroit Mercy and subsequently completed a PhD in Epidemiology from the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan. Dr Riolo is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, maintains a private practice in Seattle WA. specializing in adult esthetic orthodontics and is an affiliate assistant professor at the University of Washington teaching in the interdisciplinary seminar and clinic segment.

Timothy Tremont
Critical Thinking for Determining and Managing Arch Form in the Orthognathic Surgery Patient (Docs) Successful orthognathic surgical outcomes are very much dependent on appropriate pre-surgical orthodontic care. Choosing a customized arch form for every patient becomes the fundamental step in treatment planning the orthodontics as well as the surgical movements of the jaws. This presentation will explain how critical thinking is required for choosing a customized arch form and discuss effective orthodontic strategies for attaining the planned arch form.
Timothy Tremont is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Orthodontics at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and completed his orthodontic residency at the University at Buffalo. Known for his patient and effective teaching style, Dr. Tremont lectures internationally and regularly provides courses on subject matter relating to orthodontics and orthognathic surgery.

Charlene White
Change Reaction: Connecting the Dot (Staff) Through this seminar, you will learn how every team member plays an important role in the five major office systems. The staff will learn to respect the importance of the other positions in the office and learn to reduce front-to-back conflict.
Charlene White’s passion is helping her clients and team members succeed. Her goal is to facilitate them creating what she calls a “Peak Performance Practice”. In order to achieve that level of performance, Charlene believes you must have talented leaders who know how to hire the right people who have the talents and desire to perform at a high level. Training and accountability are key factors. Telling is not training and a once a year peek at the numbers is not enough. Charlene also serves as an “Off-Site Office Manager” to several practices across the country. After consulting with over 700 practices and interviewing thousands of team members, Charlene understands what works and what fails. She helps her clients speed up the process by coaching them to reach their goals quickly and efficiently. Charlene spends 40 weeks a year traveling across the country. She has consulted in 48 states and 5 providences in Canada.

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