Meeting Schedule

NESO 2021 (Virtual) Experience

The NESO 2021 Experience starts with content every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7:00 pm EST, starting March 23 through November 12, 2021. All Sessions scheduled and on-demand will be eligible for more than 20 CE  and available through March 2022! Learn more about earning CE for the 2021 NESO Experience here.


Bi-Weekly Sessions

March 23Dr. Bryan LockhartUnlocking Efficiencies in Fixed Appliance Therapy using Custom 3D Printed Brackets (1CE)LightForce
Discover the nuanced benefits and efficiencies of using a fully customized 3D printed bracket system and how it will enhance your clinical outcomes! Dr. Lockhart will take a deep dive into the software (LightPlan), integration into the office, and case examples of the improved efficiencies for your practice.
April 13Dr. Jeff Blasius
& Dr. Jonny Feldman
Practice Software Efficiency: Taking Advantage of Today’s Cloud (1CE)Ortho2
Bringing your practice’s management software solutions to the cloud is the standard in today’s IT infrastructure, but what does that mean in 2021? Dive into the multitude of benefits of moving your systems online - for you, your staff, and your patients. Objectives:
- Fine-tune your understanding of what the cloud means for your practice’s IT setup
- Gain insight on how the cloud enhances your ability to access patient and business information and streamline your workflow
- Learn how the cloud can be your greatest asset when it comes to growth and scalability
April 27Dr. Regina BlevinsMaximizing Success Treating Growing Patients (1CE)Align
Treating growing patients with a safe and effective appliance is a passion of mine. In my presentation I will show how the Invisalign appliance can be used effectively to obtain dental alveolar expansion to facilitate room for erupting teeth, correct anterior crossbites with function shifts, and enhance smiles that may cause psycho-social issues in growing children. I will also discuss how my practice uses 'virtual care to support and monitor this patient population.Objectives:
- Selection criteria for treating Phase 1 patients with Invisalign clear aligners
- How to manage the retention between Phase 1 and Phase 2
- Leveraging virtual appointments to monitor patient progress
May 11Dr. Luis CarriereMinimum Touch Orthodontics in Severe Class II and III Malocclusions (1CE)Henry Schein
Dr. Luis Carriere will demonstrate his clinical results using minimum touch technologies and workflow. He will share a range of clinical case types, including more comprehensive, challenging Class II and Class III cases that can be simplified through Sagittal First protocol, combined with the proven passive self-ligation bracket system and a new wire system that deliver precision and predictability.

Dr. Luis Carriere will show how to increase efficiencies, decrease chair-time and differentiate your practice through minimum touch solutions. His clinical results will challenge your views on the traditional practice workflow, while demonstrating how to create long-term aesthetics results with minimal extractions.
- Access the benefits and workflow of Minimum Touch Orthodontics, delivering shorter and fewer appointments, with decreased treatment times.
- Learn how to simplify complex and severe Class II and Class III malocclusions, including repositioning the mandible and expanding the airway through Sagittal First workflow.
- Gain an engineering and manufacturing view into the revolutionary passive self-ligation system and new wires - providing predicable results, reduced repositioning, and finishing appointments.
May 25Dr. Barry GlaserFacing the Crisis and Beyond: Innovative Technologies to the Rescue (1CE)Dental Monitoring
"Is your practice ready to transition and pivot into the next phase of dentistry? This past year has forced us to make quick decisions in the midst of chaos, and while we may have survived, now what?" In this session, Dr. Barry Glaser will discuss:
-Hard lessons from the COVID-19 crisis
-Social and economic impacts of the crisis
-Lessons learned from the past with Dental Monitoring
-How to thrive in the next era of orthodontics
- To understand the importance of adopting new technologies
- To learn how Dental Monitoring can be a key component of an efficient digital practice
- To see how remote treatment monitoring can help achieve excellent treatment results for "todays patient."
June 8Martin Greenwood, CEO, PhotoDynamic Inc.,
Dr. Alexander McLellan ND, VP Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, PhotoDynamic Inc.,
Dr. Hatice Hasturk DDS, PhD, Director, Center for Clinical and Translational Research, The Forsyth Institute,
Dr. Dan Stuart DDS, MSc, FRCD(C), Orthodontist
A Novel Pathway to Improved Orthodontic Hygiene (1CE)Photodynamic
This session will review the concept of photodynamic inactivation, its clinical effectiveness in orthodontic patient hygiene, and the development of a novel orthodontic hygiene device utilizing this technology.Objectives
- To introduce photodynamic inactivation as a new technology for improve patient hygiene
- To review the science and studies documenting the effectiveness of PDI for ortho patient hygiene
- To introduce the novel device helping ortho’s and their patients maintain better hygiene during treatment
June 22Dr. Mehdi PeikarBiomechanics Reimagined - Shifting the Treatment Paradigm (1CE)BRIUS
Superior biomechanics deliver exceptional outcomes. Learn about a revolutionary frictionless technology which combines the benefits of braces and aligners to deliver an improved experience without compromise. In this lecture we’ll explore the benefits of individual and customized tooth movement.Objectives:
- Select the ideal BRIUS cases to start with.
- Know how more efficient biomechanics could help decrease the treatment time.
- Explain in what way the brackets will bond and how BRIUS will be engaged to the brackets.
July 13Alfred GriffinA New Era of Personalized Orthodontics will be Enabled by 3D Printing Technology (1CE)LightForce
With complete control of every aspect of the treatment plan and a simple cloud-based interface for adjustments and approvals, the proprietary LightForce software system empowers the clinician every step of the way. Move teeth, not brackets. Digital works for you, you work for analog. The patient is the prescription.Objectives:
- Why are brackets a great application of 3D Printing
- What are the benefits to seeing a fully digital orthodontist
July 27Dr. Tom BarronContemporary PSL Treatment: The Damon Ultima System (1CE)Ormco
The Damon Ultima PSL System provides orthodontists all the benefits of passivity along with precise 3-Dimensional control by overcoming the challenges associated with traditional PSL technology. The science behind the system will be discussed along with case presentations that illustrate the diagnosis, treatment planning, mechanics and outcomes of several cases treated with the Damon Ultima System. Precise first, second and third order control enhances clinical efficiency which can shorten treatment durations. In addition to his own cases treated with the Damon Ultima System, Dr. Barron will discuss the results of a multi-doctor clinical trial on this system.Objectives:
- Understand the challenges of controlling tooth movement with traditional PSL technology
- Understand the science behind the new bracket and wire innovations
- Understand best practices regarding clinical application of the new PSL technology
August 10Dr. Rooz KhosraviThe New Digital Frontier: Putting you in control of your Cases! (1CE)uLab
Join Dr. Rooz Khosravi as he shares his insights on treatment planning in the digital world. During the presentation attendees will learn how to setup an orthodontic case in as few as 10 minutes without the back-and-forth with a remote technician. Staging and sequencing movements will be discussed along with strategies on how to utilize this technology to impact several orthodontic procedures in your practice. Upcoming new features from the uDesign software platform will be introduced including "one touch" digital bracket removal and Guided Setup.Objectives:
- Treatment plan in as few as 10 minutes
- Virtually remove brackets
- Control velocity across stages
- Stage and sequence movements
August 24Drew FerrisiTero Efficiencies to Increase your Conversion Rates (1CE)Align
Learn how a successful Invisalign provider maximizes use of the iTero intraoral scanner. This study club will focus on strategies to integrate iTero digital technology into your practice to aid patient education, workflow efficiencies, increasing patient acceptance, and more.
September 14Dr. Lisa DavisonExploring Options to Achieving a Streamlined and Thoughtful Aligner Treatment Design (1CE)3M
Presentation will offer insight on developing a consistent protocol for aligner patients to maximize treatment efficiency and team implementation. We will explore applying this protocol to a series of cases, varying in complexity.Objectives:
- Understanding and applying an aligner protocol to increase clinical efficiency and outcomes
- Utilizing various auxiliaries to aid in aligner biomechanics
- Understanding attachment selection for various movements
September 28Jeremy SalazActionable Tips for Increasing Your Practice's Online Visibility (1CE)Sesame Communications
Online visibility is earned. In most markets orthodontic practices face considerable competition for new patients.
Yet, by understanding how search engines function excellent digital visibility is achievable.
In this webinar you will learn about:
• Google’s search algorithm, and how it decides where to position a website in search results
• The patient view of your website vs. how Google views it
• Reputation and listing management
• Online advertising – the different varieties and what they can do for your practices
By incorporating the tips and best practices suggested within this presentation your practice can work towards greater search engine visibility. And what is the likely result of better online visibility? More traffic from prospective patients and, ultimately, an uptick in new patient volume.
- Understand how to navigate what's important in Google’s eyes for your website and vs. what’s important for patients.
- Best practices for staying up-to-date with trends associated with Google's algorithm and what can be done to make sure your website is meeting these algorithmic requirements.
- Steps for launching and managing a successful advertising campaign that will reach and convert prospective patients into new patients.
October 12Dr. Neal KravitzA Collection of My Favorite Clinical Pearls with Neal Kravitz, DMD, MS (1CE)n/a
Jackie Kennedy is famously quoted as saying that, “Pearls are always appropriate”; the same could be said about sharing orthodontic clinical pearls. Who doesn’t love picking up those invaluable tidbits hidden within a lecture? After all, these clinical pearls are the easiest to take home and immediately implement into our practice. It is a passion of mine to share my clinical ideas with other orthodontists, and what better way than with a lecture entirely devoted to the topic. Be ready for a fun and fast-paced presentation chock full of my favorite clinical pearls.Objectives:
1. Understand how different clinical pearls can be applied within your practice.
2. Best practices for staying up to date while applying clinical pearls.
October 26Cosmo Haralambidis, DMD &
Kenneth R. Webb, DMD
Strengthening Regional Representation and Central National Communication (1CE)n/a
The strength of a professional organization is measured by the planned infrastructure, involvement, communication and awareness of the local constituents groups with its central national organization.

This is not a preset presentation but an interview of RI coordinated strategy and review of lessons learned. The goal of the interview is to assist in continued development of a framework that will protect our patients, provide and maintain great care at the highest standards of our specialty, inform clinicians of the importance of a strong local, and national organization that will sustain this framework.


2021 NESO Experience Finale!

TimeDoctor TrackStaff Track
9:00 AM - 10:00 AMDr. Sonia Palleck
Dialing In The Details (1CE)
Dr. Michelle Shimmen
Create The Life You Love! (1CE)
Whether we are using fixed appliances or clear aligners to achieve the goals of orthodontic treatment, our choice of customized appliances is going to have an effect on our ability to finish accurately and efficiently. Let Dr. Palleck walk you through why Insignia custom braces and Spark clear aligners are her go-to appliances. Designing the details into effective systems and then letting the appliances do the work for you is key to running an efficient and profitable clinic.

1. Identify three advantages to using customized appliances.
2. Review the criteria for finishing based on the patient's initial presentation.
Practical steps to control the overall culture and positive vibration within your team! Remove stress, communicate effectively to drive actions and proactive solutions and stop dancing around the table – serve workable discussion up on a silver platter. Know how to increase your value as an employee and earn more through goals and bonuses that build YOU as the valuable asset that you are.

1. Understand what it takes to remove stress and enjoy your day at work, EVERY DAY
2. Demonstrate your value to the practice through your commitment to grow and develop professionally
3. Facilitate the buy-in from those around you and know how to set agreements that deliver results
10:00 AM - 11:00 AMDr. Sandra Tai
Invisalign® With Mandibular Advancement
The Evidence You Wanted To See! (1CE)
LeeAnn Peniche
Streamlining The Start (1CE)
In November 2018, Align Technology launched a new appliance for Class II treatment called Invisalign® with Mandibular Advancement. This presentation will discuss what this appliance is, how it works and the results of a study conducted at the University of British Columbia comparing short term skeletal, dental and soft tissue changes between patients treated with Twin Block functional appliance and Invisalign® with Mandibular Advancement. Different approaches to treatment including high angle vs low angle Class II skeletal patterns will be discussed. This presentation will be illustrated with cases treated with Invisalign® with Mandibular Advancement. From the first point of contact, the New Patient is making decisions at rapid speed. Join Lee Ann Peniche as she takes you through the steps to blend technology, current trends, and the legacy experience to maximize the new patient process and increase case acceptance. This fast-paced discussion of the hottest new patient trends will inspire a new level of excellence and increased production in the patient centered practice.

1. Share current best practices in providing excellent service to patients
2. Teach attendees how to increase their production through technology, current trends and through legacy experience
3. Share tips on how to convert new patients to long standing patients
11:00 AM - 12:00 PMDr. Neal Kravitz
Canine Substitution And Canine Impaction (1CE)
Dr. Laura Reardon, MD
The latest science on health, metabolism and weight loss (1CE)
This clinical presentation for both doctors and staff is a two-part presentation that will review both canine substitutions and canine impactions. We will review proper bracket selection for canine substitution cases; the steps taken in my office for open-surgical exposures for palatal impactions; appliances with cantilevers for labial impaction; and more. Substituted and impacted canines are a great stress for many orthodontists, but I hope by the end of this presentation that you are equipped with a game plan for treatment success.

-Review bracket selection for canine substitutions
-Review bracket placement pearls for torque control of impacted canines
-Become familiar with the open exposure technique
-Learn basic cantilever appliances for labial displaced canines.
There has been a paradigm shift in the world of weight management. Weight is not a simple math equation of calories in and calories out- rather it is a chemistry problem of dozens of hormones, hundreds of chemical signals and how they talk to the body and brain. Come learn how new evidence is changing how we treat patients living with weight.

1. What is obesity? current landscape / pathophysiology
2. Why should we treat obesity
3. How do we treat obesity
4. Discuss practical approaches to the initiation and maintenance of weight
12:00 PM - 1:00 PMBreak
1:00 PM - 2:00 PMDr. Glenn Krieger
Surgidontics (1CE)
Discuss amazing techniques done in combination with surgeons to get better results, differentiate ourselves as specialists and be more profitable
2:00 PM - 3:00 PMJoin Dr. Kathy Russell and Dr. JC Doucet for a full hour session on bone grafting, concluding with a joint Q&A from both presenters.
Dr. Kathy Russell
Orthodontic Treatment in Conjunction with Early Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting (ABG) (1CE)
The options for orthodontic treatment before and after Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting will be reviewed. Aspects of treatment that require a surgical vs. orthodontic correct will be highlighted. Risks and benefits of timing of early secondary ABG on the dentoalveolar development and future orthodontic treatment will be present.
Dr. JC Doucet
Early Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting and Cleft/Craniofacial Orthognathic Surgery Planning (1CE)
To optimize the periodontal status of all cleft-adjacent permanent teeth, some cleft centers perform early secondary alveolar bone grafting around 6 years of age, prior to the eruption of the cleft-adjacent maxillary central incisor. Certain authors have raised the concern that performing an early secondary bone graft could potentially compromise maxillary growth, similarly to primary alveolar bone grafting. Due to these concerns, many centers still perform late secondary alveolar bone grating, which is based on the eruption of the cleft-adjacent maxillary canine. The purpose of this presentation will be to discuss the rationale, advantages, disadvantages, evidence and techniques associated with early secondary alveolar bone grafting. The second part of the presentation will discuss recent advances in cleft/craniofacial orthognathic surgery planning.
3:00 PM - 4:00 PMNESO Cup
Second Annual NESO Cup