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More about the NESO Partner Marketplace in 2021!

Let NESO showcase your brand and products in our new (Virtual) Partner Marketplace!

Now more than ever, a robust digital presence is critical. Let us help you expand your digital footprint by building your company a custom microsite on

What is the (Virtual) Partner Marketplace?

A section of the NESO website will host a Marketplace where vendors can showcase their brand, and members can browse and search for the products and services they seek. Partners will be able to include:

  • Company Description
  • Company Contact Name, Phone and Email
  • Welcome Video – Record a NESO region company representative to introduce your products and invite members to find out more!
  • Photos – Engage members with a gallery display of up to five photos of your products and services

View a Sample Listing Here

How will Orthodontists Find My Microsite?

NESO will highlight select vendors on a regular basis, driving NESO orthodontists and their staff to partner sites through email and social media.

What’s Our Investment? Just $83/month!

For an Introductory Reduced Price of $1,000 in 2021, your page will be activated for one year from the time of purchase. That’s $83/month for the first year of leads from more than 1700 NESO orthodontists plus their staff!

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While the content posted on this site is reviewed for appropriateness by NESO for members, NESO does not endorse, recommend, or approve any of the products or services mentioned on the Partner Marketplace pages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a virtual exhibit in 2021?

A: In 2021, NESO is offering a Partner Marketplace, where attendees can browse descriptions, photos, advertisements and videos of the latest in industry products and services. An interest form automatically drops down on each Marketplace page to collect contact details of interested participants. Attendees may also contact the company representative directly with any questions. Click here to view more on the NESO Partner Marketplace.


Q: Are there any speaking opportunities for industry partners at the 2021 NESO Experience?

A: Multiple speaking sessions are available for industry partners to host in 2021. However, they are reserved on a first-come first-served basis, and availability is limited. Please contact Kristin Dunn for updated availability.


Q: Are there any other opportunities to communicate with attendees in 2021?

A: NESO is excited to offer our industry partners the opportunity to connect with our members and NESO Experience attendees through a Product Showcase video. This 90-second message is posted online and will be shared through email and social media to all NESO members and the world!


Q: How will attendees be notified about the industry hosted sessions?

A: All NESO Experience sessions are promoted by email and through social media to all NESO members and attendees throughout the entire year. Industry-hosted sessions will be produced so they are eligible for CE, offering more value and incentive to members to view your content.


Q: When are new sessions available?

A: New sessions are launched every month! A new webinar and/or podcast will be presented at 7:00pm EST on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, starting in March, 2021. 

March 23 . April 13 . April 27 . May 11 . May 25 . June 8 . June 22 . July 13 . July 27 August 10 . August 24 . September 14 . September 28 . October 12 . October 26 . November 12


Q: Are the sessions on Tuesday nights live or recorded?

A: Presentations on Tuesday nights are pre-recorded webinars that are usually followed by a live Q&A so that viewers can interact with the speaker following the presentation. Any questions posted in the Chat that are not answered live will be posted for viewers at


Q: How many CE can attendees earn from the NESO Experience sessions?

A: The NESO Experience sessions are eligible for more than 20 CE in 2021!