Round Table Discussions

2023 NESO Round Tables

Saturday, October 21
12:05 pm – 12:50 pm

Join one of nine tables available for informal discussions with experts on topics of interest to you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for one-on-one Q&A with 2023 speakers and subject matter experts. Round Table discussions are included in the registration fee.
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Dr. Bob Hatheway

The Evolving Landscape of Practice Options for Orthodontists

Dr. Bob will lead a roundtable discussion focused on practice options for orthodontists.

There are many options for doctors to consider for practice opportunities. Joining an established practice as an associate, purchasing an existing practice, hanging a shingle and starting from scratch, associating with an Orthodontic Service Organization, academia, and hospital-based practice to name a few.

Dr. Hatheway has practiced in all of these settings and will share his experiences in these different environments and share his experience as the Chief Clinical Officer for a large OSO in supporting doctors who work in this environment.

Dr. Chris Bonebreak Jackson

Digital treatment planning tips for personalized 3D-printed braces

This session will present tips for digital treatment planning that will optimize clinical outcomes when using personalized, 3D printed braces. Focus will be on the LightPlan digital treatment planning platform for the LightForce braces system. Specific topics will include Rx submission, bracket slot size selection, when to use overcorrections, and what overcorrections should be applied for clinical scenarios such as anterior cross bite, Class II Div II, and surgical cases. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how to set-up their digital plans for more predictable clinical outcomes with custom braces.

Dr. Katie Klein

Transitioning an Orthodontic Career!

After years of intense preparatory school, many dream of landing in the “ideal” career path soon after graduation.  While taking a direct career route is certainly more efficient, variables such as school loans, family plans and balancing career ambitions of a spouse/partner may require orthodontists to make a more circuitous journey.  Dr. Klein has had an interesting and unique career path  including: a 7 year accelerated dental program at UPenn, an Air Force  general dentistry residency program, practicing as a  general dentist in the Air Force, and completing an orthodontic residency at UNC followed by an academic orthodontic career spanning over a decade. Most recently, she has opened a boutique start-up orthodontic practice while teaching orthodontics at Harvard.  Come have a genuine and candid conversation about the joys and challenges of following your dreams — at any stage in life!

Dr. Neal Kravitz

A Roundtable Discussion of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT

Every quarter-century, orthodontics experiences a paradigm shift. The 3D printing revolution has made way for next paradigm shift, artificial intelligence (AI). This round table discussion will review the application of AI in orthodontic treatment and practice management.

Dr. Sal Manente

From Residency to Retirement and the Transition Life Cycle

During this informal discussion I will share my experience as an orthodontic associate, partner and practice owner along with failed attempts at bringing on associates and the eventual partnership with an OSO. I will discuss my decision process and what I would have done differently if I could turn back time. I will also share being a founding partner with a start up OSO and how I have helped shape its inception and future direction. My hope is to facilitate dialogue with participants allowing time for questions & answers.

Mr. Nathan Mick

AAO/NESO Grassroots Advocacy: Federal and State Policy and Political Engagement for the Future

This open dialogue round table will feature discussion on a range of substantive advocacy initiatives currently underway, planned for 2024, and driven by AAO/NESO grassroots engagement, including –Strategic state initiatives (offense and defense planned for 2024) –Federal regulatory and legislative action in the 118th Congress –AAOPAC helping to fuel advocacy success not only in Washington, DC but in states throughout the U.S. –Getting more involved: grassroots engagement through the AAO National Advocacy Network, action alerts, media, advocacy, and more.

Dr. Lauren Pass

Women in Leadership

We will discuss challenges encountered by female orthodontists in leadership,  the value add of becoming involved within AAO leadership, and current opportunities to engage.


Mr. Gary Salman

Understanding the Anatomy and a Review of the Post-Mortem of a Cyberattack Against Orthodontists

This round table discussion will help us to understand ransomware by explaning what it is and how it works.  WE will also discuss recent examples of ransomware attachs in orthodontics and their financial impact.

Dr. Dan Stuart

Lessons Learned – What to Do and What Not to Do in Everyday Practice

Dr Dan Stuart grew a single office with 5 staff to 4 offices, over 50 team members, a Partner and an Associate. This is a round table discussion on the lessons learned- what to do and what not to do in every day practice. This discussion is aimed at the orthodontic resident or a new and younger member. From practice management to using digital technology to treat the toughest cases, this discussion is designed to identify great sources of information and training to help you create the career path that is right for you.