2017 Resident Research Winners

The Resident Research Sponsorship Committee is pleased to announce the 2017 NESO Resident Research Sponsorship Program Winners.


Dr. Bianca Cabri

Bianca attended Johns Hopkins University where she received her BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology. There she began her involvement in research by performing forward genetic screens on zebrafish to identify defects in fat metabolism.
She went on to attend Columbia University College of Dental Medicine where she continued with research. Her research analyzed the effects of occlusal loading and estrogen receptor beta on the mouse TMJ. She presented these findings as an oral presentation at the Annual Conference in Charlotte, NC.
Now, during her postgraduate orthodontic training, she continues her research on estrogen and the mouse TMJ. Her research proposal will delineate the cell signaling in mediating estrogen induction of alpha 2 macroglobulin in the TMJ. She hopes that the research will be a step in elucidating a novel treatment for patients who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorders.

Dr. Camille Francois

Camille is half French-half Swedish and was raised in Lyon, France. She completed her Bachelors and Masters degrees in Dental Medicine at the University of Geneva in Switzerland where she developed a particular interest in Orthodontics.
Camille has just started her third year of Orthodontic residency at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine in Boston. Her resident research project focuses on 3D condylar changes after rapid maxillary expansion. She will try to identify alterations in condylar shape, volume and orientation as well as mandibular plane angle changes before and after rapid maxillary expansion.

Dr. Khaled Taha

Khaled Taha is a second-year resident in the Orthodontics Department at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Khaled received his degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine from Al-Baath University in 2003. He then moved to Paris to continue his education in Orthodontics where he completed his first training in 2007, and practiced for one year at the Center Hospitalier Victor Dupouy. He went on to practice for six  years as an Orthodontist Specialist in Saudi Arabia before ending up in the United States to chase his dream to be an American Board Certified orthodontist.
Dr. Taha is currently working on a research project, “The Effect of Vibrational Appliances on Maxillary Canine Retraction and Perceived Pain (A Single Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial),” and is looking forward to sharing his results.
Dr. Taha likes to spend his time with his family, and travel all over the world to visit different countries and explore diverse cultures. He likes playing tennis, swimming, watching movies, and making Italian espresso.