NESO Board

NESO 2022-23 Leadership

NESO is guided by a Board of Directors, comprised of an executive group of officers, delegates to the AAO, and representatives from state components and AAO Councils. To get involved in NESO committees or leadership, contact the NESO office.

Dr. Lisa Howard

Dr. Mariana Haughey
President- Elect

Dr. Sercan Akyalcin

Dr. Katie Klein

Dr. John Callahan

Dr. John Callahan

Dr. Kenneth Webb
Immediate Past- President and Trustee-elect

Dr. Lee Erickson
Additional Past- President


AAO Council Reps

AAO-PAC – Dr. Adam Donnell

AAOF – Dr. Christina Bonebreak-Jackson

COC – Dr. Lauren Vitkus

COE – Dr. Sercan Akyalcin

COGA – Dr. Phil Mansour

COB – Dr. Marlin Salmon

COMEJC – Dr. Chris Murphy

COOP – Dr. Renee Pompei

COSA – Dr. Sumit Yadav

CONYM – Dr. Christos Papadopoulos

CTECH – Dr. Kenneth Webb

Component Directors

ABO – Dr. Emile Rossouw

Atlantic Provinces – Dr. Christos Papadopoulos

Connecticut – OPEN

Maine – Dr. Donald Cassidy

Massachusetts – Dr. Katherine Klein

New Hampshire – OPEN

New York – Dr. Marlin Salmon

Québec Dr. – Dr. Antonio Rossi

Rhode Island – Dr. Gregory Pezza

Vermont – Dr. Zachary Librizzi


Salvatore Manente (Delegate Chair)

Lisa Howard (President)

Mariana Haughey (President – Elect)

Lee Erickson

Phil Mansour

Renee Pompei

Marlin Salmon

Jeff Blasius

Alternate Delegates

Chris Murphy

Thikrait Al-Jewair

Katie Klein

Sercan Akyalcin