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New York State Society of Orthodontists

The New York State Society Of Orthodontists Has a New Website

NYSSO 2022 

Trends & Industry Changes You Must Understand to Prosper in the Future

Chris Bentson

Join us for a virtual, interactive program via Zoom program to discuss insights, perspectives, and commentary that will prove helpful in the provision of care and operation of your orthodontic practice. We will explore data analysis extracted from real orthodontic practices, allowing you to gauge your practice against others.


New York State Society of Orthodontists

The NYSSO Executive board in its efforts to keep its membership informed suggests that if any orthodontist treating patients under the Medicaid Program has questions about the ever changing Medicaid regulations, please click the following link:

Medicaid FAQ

Certified Dental Assistants

Following is info regarding certified orthodontic assisting programs recognized by New York State as meeting the requirements for licensure in New York as a “licensed certified dental assistant”. There are other assisting programs in New York that provide knowledge in dental assisting BUT do not qualify as meeting the requirements of the New York State Education Department for licensure. If one wishes to become a Licensed Certified Dental Assistant, they must complete one of the assisting programs listed by the Education Department on the following website:

Select Search for Programs Leading to a Professional License, the select CERT DENTAL ASST.

To be licensed as a certified dental assistant in New York State you must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • Meet education requirements (Earned a high school diploma or G.E.D. and Completed a licensure-qualifying program in dental assisting or an equivalent program as determined by the State Education Department)
  • Meet examination requirements (Pass a licensing examination administered by DANB)

President: Dr. Yanique LeCadre  email
President-Elect: Dr. Joana Forsea email
Secretary: Dr. Kenneth Cooperman email
Treasurer: Dr. Yon Lai email
Director: Dr. Marlin Salmon email