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Rhode Island News

Rhode Island Mission of Mercy

Several orthodontists participated in this year’s Rhode Island Mission of Mercy. The event this year had over 360 dental and medical professional volunteers, together with over 225 community volunteers donated their time, talent and clinical expertise to provide 929 patients with 3,845 dental procedures valuing over $525,000! Thanks to those that gave their time!

The American Board of Orthodontics

Rhode Island’s own, Dr. Nicholas Barone has been elected as a director of The American Board of Orthodontists.

Each ABO director represents one of the eight consistituent organizations of the AAO and serves an eight-year term, which culiminates in the position of the president. The ABO directores are responsible for establishing policy with regard to the board certification of specialties in orthodontics. During his tenure as an ABO director, Dr. Barone will represent the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists. He replaces Dr. Barry Briss of Boston, MA, who is the immediate past president of the ABO.

Best of luck to Dr. Barone with this incredible endeavor!

Upcoming Meetings

Summer – We are planning a new and younger member get together. Date and time to be determined.

Fall/Winter – Our search for speackers continues. Date and time to be determinded.

Please check back for future updates.


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