Budget and Finance

The committee will prepare a budget for the next fiscal year showing the estimated amounts of income and disbursements of the Society and shall review all fiscal matters of the Society and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Society in such matters.

  • Lisa Howard (Chair)
  • Dan Stuart
  • Mariana Haughey
  • Katie Klein
  • John Callahan
  • Chris Murphy


The committee will review the Bylaws in order to keep them consistent with the policies of the Society and prepare recommended revisions to the Board of Directors for consideration prior to presentation to the Society membership for a vote.

  • Lisa Howard (Chair)
  • Chris Murphy
  • Christos Papadopoulos


The committee will promote lay and general education in orthodontics, foster cooperation between the Society and other organizations in dentistry, encourage and promote high standards of professional quality and keep the Society informed on matters affecting the specialty of orthodontics.

  • Lauren Vitkus (Chair)
  • Jeff Lowenstein
  • Yassmin Parsaei
  • Samantha Tagerman
  • Taylor Paek


The committee shall be a subcommittee of the Board and will act on behalf of the Board of Directors on matters arising between sessions of the Board.

  • Ken Webb, President
  • Lisa Howard, President-Elect
  • Mariana Haughey, Secretary
  • Katie Klein, Treasurer
  • John Callahan, Trustee
  • Dan Stuart, Immediate Past President
  • Lee Erickson, Additional Past President


The committee will oversee all investments including the general and reserve funds and issue a financial report to the Board of Directors at the ad-interim meeting and annual session.

  • John Callahan (Chair)
  • Katie Klein
  • Dan Stuart

Leadership Development

The committee will identify and solicit future leaders and provide the necessary leadership tools to the identified future leaders.

  • Salvatore Manente, Chair
  • Mariana Haughey
  • Christos Papadopoulos

Management Relations

The committee will supervise persons employed by the Society for the administration of its affairs and be responsible for reviewing contract renewals and making contract recommendations to the Board of Directors.

  • Dan Stuard (Chair)
  • Lisa Howard
  • Mariana Haughey
  • Katie Klein
  • Carrie Melita


The committee will receive, review and present nominations for the officers of the Society, for the positions of delegates and alternate delegates, and for NESO, AAO, ABO, AAOF and ADA awards.

  • Dan Stuart, Chair
  • Ken Webb
  • Lisa Howard
  • Mariana Haughey
  • Katie Klein
  • Jeff Blasius
  • Michal Kleinlerer

Resident Research

The committee will evaluate research funding applications from residents and award grants per the Resident Research Program guidelines.

  • Emile Rossouw, Chair


The committee will have two-year terms, the Chair will be selected by President and will include the representatives from COMEJC, CONYM, COC and at least two other board members. They will explore membership and component opportunities to report back to the Board.

  • Dan Stuart, Chair
  • Chris Murphy (COMEJC)
  • Christos Papadopoulos (CONYM)
  • Lauren Vitkus (COC)
  • Board Member 1 (Mariana Haughey)
  • Board Member 2 (Ken Webb)