2min2x Campaign


“Kids’ #HealthyMouths campaign teaches #parents that brushing teeth #2min2x a day helps keep oral disease away!” (via AAO MyLife_MySmile Twitter page)

The Ad Council, a non-profit organization that helps promote public service campaigns, has started the 2min2x Childrens Oral Health Campaign to promote the importance of kids brushing their teeth.

“The Children’s Oral Health campaign encourages parents to reduce their children’s risk of oral disease by making sure they’re brushing for two minutes, twice a day. The PSAs (Public Service Advertisements) aim to show that if parents spend just 2 minutes, twice a day making sure they brush, it can help save their children from a lifetime of tooth pain. The campaign demonstrates what a short amount of time 2 minutes is to accomplish such an important piece of parenting. . We do this by showing parents trying to squeeze other parenting moments into just 2 minutes – and struggling in such a short period of time. This website is a great tool for parents to refer to when looking for more information about taking care of their kids’ teeth, and it also has fun, entertaining 2 minute videos that kids can watch while brushing their teeth.”  (Via

This campaign contains a multitude of witty and thought provoking videos and photos that shed light on just how important it is for kids to know that they need to brush for 2 minutes twice a day. The campaign is full of eye catch imaginary and catchy slogans, here are a few below.




To view campaign materials visit There are plenty of printable ads and videos for you to share with patients and their parents.