A Note from NESO President Ken Webb

Dr. Ken Webb President, NESO

Dear Friends,

Spring is on the doorstep and there’s a lot of NESO news to report.  I would like to start by thanking the NESO Officers, Board of Directors, Volunteers and Management Team for all they do to make our organization the best in the AAO!  We recently had our Ad-Interim Board meeting, and I would like to take a few moments to discuss some of the programs and initiatives that, with your help, NESO leadership will be working on.

In conjunction with our Board meeting, members of NESO leadership participated in a strategic planning session facilitated by Lowell Aplebaum of Vista Cova.  The session was informed by survey data provided recently by NESO members and will provide vision for NESO’s activities over the next several years.  Thank you to those who responded to the survey for taking the time to help NESO continue to provide a high level of value to all Members. 

There were motions presented to the Board which will help enhance NESO’s efforts to include and engage all of its members.  Component outreach and advocacy, Resident engagement, and Member inclusion are the focus of new committees and I encourage any Members interested in helping us with these efforts to contact our team at  Your ideas are important – please become part of our team!

Lastly, planning for the joint NESO-MASO Annual Meeting in Philadelphia on September 23-24 is progressing at a fast pace.  The Planning Committee is working to provide a world class lineup of speakers for both Doctors and Staff in the City of Brotherly Love!  The exhibit hall will also be the location of a new learning experience for attendees: the first 3D Digital Workshop will include 3D printers and intra-oral scanners, model basing and lab organization software, as well as 3D digital setup and staging software – this special area will highlight and demonstrate your office’s future 3D digital lab workflow!  The meeting website will be launching in May – stay tuned!

In closing I would like to thank you for the opportunity to represent NESO.  As the challenges of the past two years hopefully begin to fade, new challenges will likely emerge.  Together we have worked and will continue to work to keep our specialty strong.  I thank you for all that you do.


Stay well,

Ken Webb

President, NESO