ABO Announces Newly Certified/Recertified Orthodontist

The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) granted certification to 221 orthodontists during the third and fourth quarters of 2022, while another 245 orthodontists completed their 10-year certification renewal requirements during this time period. ABO Board Certification is a voluntary credential that represents an orthodontist’s personal and public commitment to the standards of specialty practice and lifelong learning.

Attaining first-time ABO certification requires successful completion of the Written Examination and then the Clinical Examination. Orthodontists gaining recertification must successfully complete the Recertification Examination and requirements.

“On behalf of the Board, I congratulate all those who have completed the certification or certification renewal processes,” said Dr. Patrick F. Foley, ABO 2022-2023 president.  “The continued interest in pursuing certification sends to the public the message that excellent orthodontic care can be best delivered by the orthodontic specialist.”

The ABO currently represents 58% of AAO membership.

To learn more about ABO certification and the Scenario-Based Clinical Examination, visit The website offers information about Clinical and Written Examinations, including study aids and registration information.

The following newly certified or recertified orthodontists are listed regionally by the constituent society of the American Association of Orthodontists.


Northeastern Society of Orthodontists

Newly Board Certified

Dr. Mohammed Abdulateef
Dr. Sukaynah M. Al awami 
Dr. Diaa Almunajjed Allahham
Dr. Mohammed L. Al-Zainal
Dr. Sarah Anvery
Dr. Maryam Arab
Dr. Shayna Azoulay-Avinoam
Dr. Raitzel Chemda Bernstein
Dr. Ian M. Bolin
Dr. Rachel Angela Boschetti
Dr. Angelica Chaghouri
Dr. Te Chen
Dr. Hong-yan Chiu
Dr. Kiyoung Cho
Dr. Grace Chung
Dr. Jong Uk Chung
Dr. Grace Jerome Creech
Dr. Mor Dagan
Dr. Ghaidaa Dashti
Dr. Adi Davidyan
Dr. Brianna Estelle Davydov
Dr. Joseph L. DeSantis
Dr. Danielle Alexis Dorrego
Dr. Wendy Fang
Dr. Adrian Farsaii
Dr. Jasmine Felix
Dr. Kimberly R. Fluger
Dr. Anita Leorah Gotz
Dr. Laura I. Guerra Garcia
Dr. Shawn Gutman
Dr. Derek Haber
Dr. Shin-Jung Hsieh
Dr. Daeun Hur
Dr. Willan Jumbo Cueva
Dr. Chai Yoon Kim
Dr. Ellen Kim
Dr. Han Suk Kim
Dr. Christopher Lai
Dr. Courtney Lavigne
Dr. Janet J. Lee
Dr. Veronica Lee
Dr. Camille Leong
Dr. Kate Lew
Dr. Jia Liu
Dr. Mariah Pewarski
Dr. Francesca K. Pietri
Dr. Boris Pinhasov
Dr. Whitney Protain
Dr. Lubomyr Ravlyk
Dr. Elena-Lee M. Ritoli
Dr. Sean M. Rooney
Dr. Marianne Saade
Dr. Jonathan Schecter
Dr. Lindsey Schiffman
Dr. Jennifer Sipkin
Dr. Benjamin Daniel Smith
Dr. Biana Tatarsky
Dr. Lyndon Khoi Tran
Dr. Parveen Virdee
Dr. Rebecca Voldman
Dr. Ivy Vuong
Dr. Ke Wang
Dr. Alan Zhou
Dr. Xing Zhu


Dr. Mairaj K. Ahmed
Dr. Marjan Askari
Dr. Figen A. Baydur
Dr. Ronald M. Bellohusen
Dr. Sergey Berenshteyn
Dr. Michelle T. Cartier
Dr. Suren Chelian
Dr. Tracy L. Cheung
Dr. May P. Chu
Dr. Michael J. Donato, Jr.
Dr. Sharon M. Eder
Dr. Ronniette C. Garcia Leifert
Dr. Karin E. Grinbaum
Dr. Michael N. Hage
Dr. Richard M. Hesby
Dr. Jordan P. Jaffe
Dr. Bong Seon Kim
Dr. Michal Kleinlerer
Dr. Benjamin M. Murray
Dr. Oran Pachter
Dr. Chandra T. Pham
Dr. Sarah B. Schroetter
Dr. Even Diane Shieh
Dr. Todd D. Weinberger
Dr. Theodore S. Wohl
Dr. Jeremy M. Zuniga