A Letter from Our 2018 NESO President

From the many volunteers and staff of the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists, welcome! My name is Sal Manente, and it is my honor and privilege to serve as your 2018 president.

Our profession is changing and evolving at a rate that has never been seen before. Rest assured our NESO leadership is very involved in addressing changes on both the local and national level.

NESO has been  instrumental in shaping our new national Consumer Awareness Program. I know many have seen the program’s shift to a digital platform, which is ultimately more cost effective in reaching our consumers. New videos have recently been released educating the public on the potential detriment of DIY (Do It Yourself) treatment and the importance of seeing a specialist when it comes to straightening teeth and aligning bites.

Due to the unparalleled change to the practice of orthodontics, advocacy for our profession has never been more important. NESO continues to be on the forefront of protecting not only our profession, but also our patients.

In order to remain relevant, NESO has also changed to meet the new demands of our profession and our members. Our new management firm, Fernley & Fernley is able to more efficiently run our organization by providing “in house” services that were not available in the past, enabling us to be more nimble to future changes.

Our 2018 annual meeting, November 2-3 at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut promises to be another big change that NESO will undertake. Both our doctor and staff programs will begin on Friday afternoon and conclude Saturday at 5pm. We will replace our exhibit hall with vendor tables and include breakfast, lunch and social hours for our attendees. Our meeting location was centrally chosen and is easily accessible for our members. You won’t want to miss some of our scheduled speakers discussing how they are reshaping the practice of orthodontics, including Jamie Reynolds, Jeff Kozlowski, Aaron Molen, Chris Bentson, Neal Kravitz, Maz Moshiri, Jep Paschal, Jonathan Nicozisis and our MC, Anil Idiculla.

In closing, I encourage anyone who has an interest in helping guide our profession to please get involved. There are many opportunities with varying levels of commitment that will be a rewarding experience for any member. NESO would love to have you!

Health & Happiness,

– Sal Manente,

President, Northeastern Society of Orthodontics