Brava by Brius™: Bringing Transformative Technology to Orthodontics

Brius Technologies is a forward-thinking innovation company dedicated to improving the orthodontic experience of both patients and orthodontists.

The Brava Independent Mover™ System is the first orthodontic system to provide simultaneous, independent tooth movement, a radical departure from traditional mechanics. Brava’s optimized AI-driven biomechanics result in an esthetically superior, personalized, convenient, and highly effective treatment.

After seeing the patient struggle with long treatment times, multiple office visits, and lack of confidence while wearing braces, orthodontist, physicist, and Brius co-founder Dr. Mehdi Peikar was determined to develop a new orthodontic system. This system would need to be effective, esthetically pleasing, free of the painful inconvenient monthly adjustments, and without the patient compliance challenge of aligners.

Capitalizing on his background in physics, mathematical modeling, material science, and AI, Dr. Peikar and the Brius team brought to life the revolutionary Brava Independent Mover System that meets all those needs.

Brava consists of an anchorage base and flexible NiTi arms that connect independently to each tooth via a bracket. Unlike traditional bracket systems that can cause unwanted tooth movement and round-tripping, Brava’s reactive forces translate to its anchorage base, which then dissipates along the entire arch. With clinically insignificant reactive forces, the AI pre-programmed into Brava puts each tooth on an independent path to its planned position. The movement of any tooth has little to no effect on any other tooth.


  • Leveraging a digital workflow (digital scan, setup, and approval process), the Brava Independent Mover System utilizes proprietary Brius Planner Software which considers ethnicity, age, gender, and root morphology to calculate the precise force and moment to move every tooth for each patient.
  • The entirety of tooth movement is programmed into one device and the light; continuous force is active throughout the course of treatment. For many patients, one Brava is adequate to complete mild to moderately complex cases in as few as four appointments.
  • There is no need for wire progressions or to wait until engaging larger wires to begin A/P correction, and there is no limitation on the types of cases the system can treat.
  • With AI to further customize treatment for tomorrow’s patients, Brava is built for now and the future.

Not braces. Not aligners. Independent Movers.

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