Bylaw Amendment 30 Day Notice

The Annual Meetings of the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists will be held Friday, September 11, 2015. The first and second business meetings from 12:00pm – 1:30pm. The meeting will be held at the in conjunction with the 94th NESO Annual Meeting. All NESO members are encouraged to attend. Current active members have voting privileges. The meeting agenda will be posted in August at

The 2015-2016 officer slate and 2016 delegation members will be presented by the Nominating Committee:

  • President Christina Carter
  • President-elect Carrie Melita
  • Secretary Sal Manente
  • Treasurer Michal Kleinlerer
  • Communications Director Andre Ruest
  • Trustee John Callahan
  • 2016 NESO delegates include:

  • Dr. Christina Carter
  • Delegate Chair, Dr. Michal Kleinlerer
  • Dr. Sal Manente
  • Dr. Carrie Melita
  • Dr. Marlin Salmon
  • Dr. Jeffrey Blasius
  • Dr. Dan Ryan
  • Dr. Phil Mansour
  • Dr. Jack Kacewicz
  • 2016 NESO alternate delegates include:

  • Dr. Dennis Hiller
  • Dr. Elon Joffre
  • Dr. Lee Erickson
  • Dr. Andre Ruest
  • The committee shall present the slate to the NESO members at the Annual Session for action. This is notification of a proposed amendment to the NESO Bylaws, per the Bylaws Article XIV — Amendments that requires notice be provided at least thirty (30) days prior to the first business meeting. The slate of proposed officers and delegates is also listed.

    Please forward any Business Meeting related questions to NESO President, Chris Lundberg at or the NESO office at