Call for Distinguished Awards Nominations

Dear NESO Members,

The Northeastern Society of Orthodontists Nomination Committee is now accepting nominations to recognize NESO leaders through the distinguished awards of the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Board of Orthodontists. You may nominate candidates or yourself. Please refer to the Awards Template for submission details.

ABO Ketcham Award

Dr. Albert H. Ketcham Award is given in memory of one of the pioneers in orthodontics. Dr. Ketcham helped blaze the trail into unexplored realms of its science. As a student and investigator, his wisdom and judgment brought benefits to humanity and general helpfulness to his fellow practitioners. Few have given more generously of time, effort, and ability for the advancement of orthodontics than did Dr. Ketcham.

ABO Wade Award

The Dale B. Wade Award of Excellence in Orthodontics is bestowed by the Board in the memory of ABO past president, the late Dr. Dale B. Wade, expert clinician, teacher and former chairman of the Ohio State University Department of Orthodontics. The award honors an exemplary senior clinician and diplomate who demonstrates exceptional dedication to orthodontics through clinical excellence and/or devoted teaching in the image of Dr. Wade.

AAO Jarabak Award

Awarded to an orthodontist in recognition of his/her talent as an educator, researcher and lecturer.

AAO Brophy Award

Awarded to individual who has made contributions to orthodontics in addition to other valuable and devoted services to the Association and to its membership.

AAO Humanitarian Award

Awarded to individual who significantly contributes to improve the quality of human life that extend beyond the usual scope of private practice, academic functions or organized dentistry.

Please read all guidelines prior to submitting your nominations. Completed applications must include a letter of nomination with contact information and also include a curriculum vitae to the Nominations Committee Chair, Dr. Terry Sobler no later than January 12, 2015.



Terry Sobler, DDS, MS

Chair, Nomination Committee