Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations

AAOF Director

call for nominations - aaof director


Due February 14, 2022

NESO is seeking nominations for the next AAOF Director. Nominations will be received through February 14, 2022. 

AAO Foundation Board of Directors


  • The director should have fundraising capacity.
  • They should have basic administrative skills and understanding of what is involved with sitting on a Board of Directors.
  • They should be a good communicator.
  • They should have a strong Rolodex of potential donors that they would share with the foundation to help grow the donor pool.
  • They should be personally Regent donors or working toward Regent level giving by becoming members of Century Club or giving regularly to the AAOF, or they should get their corporate relationship to be Regent level donors or above.
  • They will serve as ambassadors for the AAO Foundation.
  • They should feel privileged to be a member of the AAOF Board of Directors.


Term: two (2) years, no more than four (4) consecutive terms

Commitment: 3 meetings a year, one in St Louis and others are virtual



Call for Nominations: January 28

Deadline for Nominations: February 14

NESO Board Approval of Nomination: March 5

Submit Nomination to (AAOF): April 1

Term starts: AAO Annual Session (May 2022)

Apply Here

Please contact Jackie Bode ( with other questions on the AAOF board role.

Return completed Application materials to Kristin Dunn