Continuing Education and Sleep Apnea: How Are We Delivering?

John Callahan
NESO Trustee

Trustee Corner: A Report From The AAO Mid-Winter Meeting

Members acknowledge that good CE is one of the best values provided by the AAO.  Frankly, you can get good CE in many places. I recently returned from a large company CE forum that was quite good. There were a lot of well-known practitioners (Key Opinion Leaders) who spoke highly about a product or service that was “best for our patients”.  I learned some good ideas that I have taken back and applied in our practice.

And then I went to the AAO Mid-Winter meeting.

The theme was sleep apnea. There were speakers from all different philosophical and treatment perspectives; medicine, dentistry, surgeons, orthodontists foreign and domestic. I watched attendees come out of lectures, some saying it was the best, and others wondering how the speaker should be allowed to make the statements they did. Unlike the “company meeting” where everyone was given the same message (use our stuff and you’ll be better) this meeting created great conversation on the current state of understanding of a “controversial” topic. It provided our members with information they could digest that will help them decide what is best for their patients. We are smart folks. Where the AAO (and NESO) separates themselves from all the other meetings is the opportunity to compare information from multiple sources on topics that directly contribute to our treatment of patients.  

The AAO knew there was tremendous interest in the sleep apnea discussion and how an orthodontist plays any role. For those of you who attended and those who wish they had, a “white paper” has been produced as a direct result of the Mid-Winter meeting.  View White Paper: Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Orthodontics

Your AAO has a strategic plan that is focused on you, the member.  Our mission states we are “to advance our members success through EDUCATION, advocacy and research that drive excellence in patient care.” The Mid-Winter meeting met those high standards for our members. The Annual Session in Los Angeles (May 4-7) will do the same. As an AAO member I hope you take advantage of these high value membership benefits.

As always, feel free to contact me on any subject or issue.  I want to hear what you think and how you feel.

Warmest regards,
John Callahan
Trustee – Northeastern Society of Orthodontists  or 315-569-8219