Creative Partnerships


Victor Grazina, known to his friends as “Vic,” had the humbling experience of opening the doors to his dream private practice in 2008, right as the US economy collapsed. For those of you who have had the experience of starting your own practice, you know firsthand how difficult it is to start a business from the ground level…even in a healthy economy. Vic spent five tough years nurturing referrals, attracting patients and developing staff. . As Vic said, “every single thing in Grazina Orthodontics was developed and created by me – everything from the logo, to the website content, to the patient referral letters. “Vic’s very personal understanding of the amount of sweat equity that goes into creating an orthodontic practice would serve him well in the future.


Dr. Bach and Dr. Grazina

When seeking solutions to a treatment plan, Vic was introduced to Dr. Richard Bach, an experienced Damon user. “Rich invited me in to his practice and helped me treat a difficult case. I thought it was awesome that someone — especially a fellow provider in the same competitive zone — could be so open and sharing.” After a patient in the office asked if Dr. Bach was “mentoring” Dr. Grazina, their idea of a creative partnership begin to crystallize.

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