Cyber Criminals and COVID-19

Cyber Criminals and COVID-19
Unfortunately, cybercriminals are now leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to target businesses of all sizes. Historically, successful cyber-attacks launched against the orthodontic sector have resulted in stolen, inaccessible, or destroyed patient electronic health information, the unavailability of websites, servers, and email systems, disabled or disrupted telephone communications, and the cancellation or delay of scheduled appointments. As the rapid emergence of COVID-19 within the US has already begun to place a strain on our practices, disruptive cyberattacks could potentially delay our ability to regain practice normalcy. As you make decisions about your practice and with the potential for long-term closures, please consider the following mitigation strategies to reduce the risk of a potentially crippling cyberattack.

Here are some items to consider about your practice’s cyber security.

Data Backup: If you are able, backup any and all practice data on an external hard drive.
Phishing Attacks: Be extremely careful when receiving any emails related to COVID-19.
Identify the Warning Signs: Click here for five signs of a COVID-19 Phishing email.

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