Dr. Donna Galante Biography

NESO is excited to host Dr. Donna Galante as a speaker at our 2017 meeting in Boston.  Aside from being a board certified private-practice orthodontist for over 28 years, Dr. Galante is also an author, coach, lecturer and educator to both doctors and staff.

Dr. Galante’s knowledge stems from her vast experience in the clinical and business realms of orthodontics.  Over the span of her career she has started six practices, purchased four existing practices, and sold three practices.  After living through the challenges that arise from owning and growing a practice, Dr. Galante found herself giving advice to younger dentists about her first-hand experiences. This led to the realization that through coaching, she could make a difference in the lives and practices of her peers.

Currently, Dr. Galante is a clinical instructor and faculty member for Align Technology and has lectured nationally and internationally to over 10,000 doctors and their teams.  Dr. Galante has been a TOP 1% Elite Provider since 2010. She is also a best selling author of over  seven books, her latest publication in partnership with Dr. Sam Daher and Dr. Tarek El-Bialy is Orthodontic Biomechanics: Treatment of Complex Cases Using Clear Aligner Therapy.

Come to the NESO meeting in Boston on November 10th-12 th and pick up a few clinical pearls from Dr. Galante as well as our other distinguished speakers!