Dr. Nicholas Barone Spotlight

Dr. Nicholas Barone

Dr. Nicholas David Barone has been a leader within NESO, AAOF, RIAO and ABO for decades. He has held roles in these organizations as President, Director and Awards recipient, and although he will step down to take a breath when his term as active ABO Director and NESO Board member has ended this year, his contributions live on. Read on for some words of friendship and praise from another former NESO President, Dr. James Brennan (President, 1998/99).

Whether it’s flying his own plane from the Northeastern corner of the Appalachians’ to the AAO in the American heartland, buzzing about the precipices of the White Mountains on his Harley with his forever love on the back, or schussing down the double diamonds on Loon Mountain, Dr. Nick Barone keeps his feet solidly on the ground.

Privileged to be the son of a farmer girl and a factory worker/contractor, he didn’t have to wait till high school to get a summer job. As a wee one he labored as a picker on his uncles’ farm outside Providence, for a dime a bushel, or something like that, and built houses with his Dad as the years passed.

He is pure in his love for his predecessors, his siblings, his childhood sweetheart, their children and their children’s children. He honors his friendships, his co-workers, his colleagues, and those he professionally serves.

Lose a loved one and he’s at your side. Need a favor and his door is wide open. Battle with a bureaucrat and he is in the front row. New idea floating about and he’s at the lecture.

He is demanding- of himself. He is controlling- of himself. He expects things in life- of himself. His weapon is not so much his tongue, as his ears. He listens until he fully understands, takes time to put it all in context, and then seeks to correct the affair, not with words but with service. His humility helps you to see his point.

His workspaces are well designed, kept fresh and inviting, and are state of the art. His organization is efficient, sensitive, serving and very busy.

Nick has accumulated in his four decades of service to the public through dentistry and through orthodontics a brilliant headdress of honorary feathers, and his service has helped to keep orthodontics at the apex of the dental specialties worldwide.

Dr. James Brennan (NESO President, 1998/99)