Member Spotlight

NESO Members Making a Difference
Dr. Ronald Lowe

Since 2017, Dr. Lowe has been running a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization named Saving Smiles
Incorporated. Over the last 5 years, Ronnie and the Saving Smiles team have helped dozens of
children throughout the country battling pediatric cancer. Saving Smiles has donated thousands
of dollars to these families and numerous electric toothbrushes to the children in order to keep
their teeth healthy. As we know, radiation and chemotherapy have detrimental effects on the oral
cavity so by providing these children with the best electric toothbrushes available, Saving
Smiles hopes to educate the families on the importance of proper oral hygiene and to prevent
more cavities from occurring due to lack of access to proper hygiene supplies.

On top of running the nonprofit organization, Ronnie is also active in his hometown
community of Pine Bush, New York. Ronnie’s mother is still a grade school teacher, so once a
year he will travel home to lecture the elementary school students on the importance of brushing
and flossing their teeth. Every year the event gets bigger and bigger. Both the teachers and the
children really seem to benefit from the lessons Dr. Lowe teaches them. This year, he plans on
giving two lectures, to both elementary schools, while providing the children with hundreds of
oral hygiene kits.

To learn more about Saving Smiles Incorporated, visit

Elizabeth Lukens, DDS
University at Buffalo