Fall Trustee Update

I love September. Start of college and professional football, baseball is closing in on the playoffs (yes I am a big sports fan), the weather is awesome. It is also transition in our office. I admit that with the start of school our office slows down a bit. We see it as an opportunity. It is a great time to reflect on all the things we did right/wrong and what our next steps should be. As a group we look at what we have control over (treatment and treatment planning, business overhead, our patient relationships and communication) and what we do not (DIY).

September is also the start of “meeting season”. Our office has great relationships with a lot of companies. Each want us to attend “their meeting” sometime in the next 6 months. Their offers, particularly their destinations, are very enticing to our team. We sometimes take advantage because there is good CE presented and it is a great team building opportunity. We accept the bias. However, our needs usually require the opportunity to compare ideas or products side to side. Orthodontists are all smart. Give us an opportunity to check out choices and we’ll do what we feel is best for our patients and our practices. This is where your membership really pays dividends. Association meetings (NESO, AAO Annual Session and Winter Meetings) are the forums our team first looks at to attend. In addition to comparing ideas and products they are also great for reunions and networking among friends. And the amount of CE credits you can get for the money can’t be beat. Our team is going to NESO this year. It is creative and forward thinking. It has a great program for the docs and staff that address our interests and needs. And, we get to compare side by side. Plus we get to have fun in Boston!

So what else happens at Association meetings? The leadership meets. And what happens there? Well, actually quite a bit.

When I first went into practice my focus was our practice, my family, life. I left it to others to take care of our profession. Paid my dues. Wasn’t sure why. Wasn’t paying attention. Kinda trusted that someone was looking over our profession. Then I found out. I got involved.

It is your peers, our awesome volunteer leaders, who stress and sweat over what it takes to keep our profession strong. These leaders discuss what our future may hold and what can we do as a profession to be proactive. They are advocates and activists. They are in Boston to make a difference. And they do!

Part of my responsibilities as trustee is to report to the NESO leadership what is happening at the AAO level. This is information that all members should be aware. So I attach this link, which is my PowerPoint presentation. I have included my notes there for further explanation. The NESO leadership will have the opportunity to then ask questions and debate. Since most of you will not be present feel free to e-mail me with comments or questions. It is important for you to be aware of what your Associations are doing on your behalf and for our profession.

Enjoy the fall. I hope your favorite teams have a great season. I look forward to seeing everyone in Boston September 27-28 at the NESO Annual Meeting. A great event, in a great city at a great time of the year.

Warmest regards,

John Callahan
Trustee – Northeastern Society of Orthodontists or 315-569-8219