First Year Resident Reflection

Dr. Mair Chaluparambil

“Orthodontic Resident Orientation” read the zoom call as I logged on bright and early at 8 a.m. Never would I have imagined that my dental education would take a turn for the virtual, let alone living in this new world of social distancing and masks as essential accessories. For the next few months, my resident life consisted of navigating the nuisances of the virtual classroom coupled with a steady transition to the COVID-19 protocols of clinic. Though I didn’t imagine the beginning of my training as an orthodontist to entail N-95s and Wifi dictating my educational experience, I feel thankful to be in a place where I feel supported by my faculty and co-residents. No one could have predicted the major changes that were to ensue after the COVID-19 outbreak, but our ability to adapt as dental providers and continue to place patient safety as the top priority while providing excellent care has proven to be a strength. I feel proud to be a part of the UCONN Orthodontics family, a group that has both welcomed me with open arms and guided me down the new path of residency training in these times. I look forward to developing my clinical skills alongside top future orthodontists and continue paving the way for safe patient care during these trying times.

Dr. Mair Chaluparambil, DMD

University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, Class of 2022