From the President


I just came back from our ad interim Board of Directors meeting this past weekend in Boston, March 16-17. It was great to see everyone and to be brought up to speed on all that is happening at the AAO and in Washington, DC on behalf of our great profession.

The Board of Directors meets in person twice a year, once in March (ad interim Meeting) and once in the Fall, a day before our Annual Meeting. In addition, the NESO Delegation also meets in person the day after the ad interim meeting in preparation for the House of Delegates sessions, which happens at the AAO annual meeting. It is always a great opportunity to catch up with friends I’ve made and enjoy the natural camaraderie and connection as a board member. 

Each Officer, AAO Council representative, and Chair of each NESO committee prepares a report, which is shared with the entire board prior to the meeting for discussion. At the Ad interim, we discuss and approve the next year’s budget (prepared by the President-Elect, Katie Klein, and our Executive Director, Kristin Dunn). We hear about AAO initiatives and updates from NESO Trustee, Ken Webb, and our Delegate Chair, Phil Mansour, shares the resolutions that will be discussed with the delegation. We also discuss planning for the upcoming NESO Annual Meeting, as well as any pertinent business that needs the board’s attention.

I’m excited to announce that the Board discussed and approved the creation of an annual meeting program planning committee to provide strategic direction for NESO meetings in the future. They also reviewed and approved a proposal for a NextGen leadership development program every three years, starting this year. Stay tuned for more information!

Lastly, our annual meeting is fast approaching. Our planning committee is dedicated to bringing you an excellent meeting, including sessions on AI, social media marketing, practice management, early treatment, Class II, airway, open bite and more! A representative sample of the many different things we see in our practice. We will also have OSHA and HIPPA training available as a registration benefit.

Save the date! November 8-9 2024 in Hartford-CT

Looking forward to seeing you all in Hartford!



Mariana Haughey