Get Your Office in the Halloween Spirit

If your office is open this Friday it’s not too late to get in the Halloween spirit. We’re sure your patients are very excited about the sugar rush holiday. Make your office come alive with simple, yet fun Halloween themed decorations.

Here are 5 DIY (Do It Yourself)

Pumpkin refreshment bowl
Grab a large pumpkin from your local grocery store. When you have the pumpkin cut off the top half and get rid of all the goop inside. Once it all cleaned out insert ice inside and beverages.


Give your door a fun face
Take a plastic table cover cut it to the size of the door and cut out shapes to make a fun ghoul face or skeleton face. When visitors approach your door they’ll know the Halloween spirit is around.


Make a crime scene
Create the outline of body with masking tape. This fake body outline will set-up a CSI type scene right there in your office. This will be sure to spook anyone. You can add crime scene tape to make things more believable.


Fill the office with spider webs
Take a bag of cotton balls shred them apart until it thins out and begin to give the looks of spider webs. Place the fake webs on the windows, walls and desk to make it look like your office has been invaded by spiders.


Fake spiders
To go along with the fake spider webs throughout your office, head to the store and pick up a bag of fake spiders and place them around the office. Nothing says Halloween more than these creepy crawlies.


Have fun with your patients and also remember to remind them it is still Orthodontic Health Month so don’t devour too much candy and brush and floss after.