The Happiness Revolution from Henry Schein Orthodontics

Social media and selfie culture have inadvertently changed the sphere of orthodontic expectations, desires, and eagerness to attain a perfect smile. Patients now seek to improve their smiles as quickly and easily as possible. Today’s orthodontic patients have a vast selection of treatment options at their fingertips. They are doing research, are decisive, and are clear about the results they want from orthodontic therapy.

Integrating SAGITTAL FIRST™ Philosophy as a standard treatment protocol is the ideal approach to offer patients occlusion correction, discreet appearance, overall shorter treatment time in brackets or fewer aligners, and most importantly, a positive experience. Practitioners and patients alike benefit from the efficiencies of SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy.

SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy powered by Carriere® MOTION 3D™ Appliance prior to aligner or bracket treatment is becoming routine practice amongst leading industry clinicians. The MOTION 3D Appliance is a non-surgical solution to bite correction and is as easy to place as a bracket or buccal tube. Bonding is roughly a 15-minute procedure and can easily fit into a Same-Day Start protocol and increase conversion rates.

The MOTION 3D Appliance creates space and simultaneously rotates the upper first molars into their correct position; it uprights the maxillary first molars, and distalizes the maxillary posterior segment, from canine or first premolar to first molar, as a unit. The combination of these three concurrent actions corrects the AP relationship, resolves crowding, generating a movement on average from 3 mm to 6 mm.

The vision of SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy is to work smarter, not harder, by capitalizing on patients’ heightened compliance at the beginning of their treatment. Compliance combined with Carriere SLX® 3D Bracket System and the all-new Carriere M-Series™ Wires, (including .015 Cu™ Nitanium® Wire and the innovative 3-Wire Sequence), clinicians can now finish cases in about 12 months.

Happy Patients + Happy Practice + Happy Staff + Happy Doctors #TheHappinessRevolution

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