Introducing the AAO TechSelect Program

As announced recently by the AAO, “TechSelect is a comprehensive, unbiased resource for in-house fabrication of aligners. Through this program, members can learn about the process, research products, and save money by locking in the best prices from trusted partners.  Members expressed a need for these tools, and the AAO has delivered over 40 videos, guides, and interactive tools. AAO TechSelect is a research tool that provides an in-depth examination of the key criteria established by AAO’s Committee on Technology and allows you to evaluate products needed to fabricate in-house aligners for your practice.”

Whether you have dabbled with in-house aligner fabrication or want to know how and where to start TechSelect has the information you need to be successful.  From extracting an STL file from your 3D intra-oral scanner software and the digital workflow needed to move those files to other associated software programs to post-processing 3D printed models for a retainer or aligner fabrication TechSelect has the resources to help you transition from impressions and plaster to intra-oral scans and digital setups.  For even more information AAO Tech Talk has been converted from a blog to a private Facebook group moderated by CTECH. The networking group is for AAO members interested in all types of technology topics relevant to orthodontic practice.

Master 3D Digital Technology at your own pace

In the 3D digital world, it’s not all or nothing and TechSelect will help you every step of the way.  If you already use a 3D intra-oral scanner you can begin by learning to use 3D digital setup and aligner staging software and exporting your staged models to an outside lab for printing.  The outside lab can print the models, fabricate the aligners and return them to you packaged and ready for patient delivery or send the printed models back to you for in-house aligner fabrication with your pressure thermo-forming machine.  TechSelect also includes discussions on the different options for choosing plastics for aligner fabrication.

Is it time for a 3D Printer?

Many orthodontists who own 3D printers made the jump after outsourcing their 3D printing needs for a period of time.  When your first 3D printer arrives at your office it doesn’t need to be a disruptor.  Start slow with in-house 3D printing while continuing to outsource the bulk of your printing needs.  Gradually transition to full in-house printing at your own pace.  Becoming your own 3D digital lab is easy – and TechSelect is there to help.

How do I Start?

Visit the tech select website to get started and take a look at the new AAO Tech Talk on Facebook



Dr. Kenneth Webb