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The legislative process, and those who serve in Congress, is constantly changing. Whether we seek to support legislation or regulation that will improve patient care or to prevent anything that could impede the ability to treat patients, it is important to be engaged in the process and proactive.  With this comes an emergent need to ensure our interests are best represented at state and provincial legislatures and within state and provincial regulatory bodies.  There has never been a better time to get involved at the ground level as an advocacy volunteer leader at the AAO – which is why we invite you to consider applying for the National Advocacy Network (NAN).

Within the NAN there are opportunities to lead the charge within your home component and across the United States and Canada to inspire real, ground-breaking change – both within your own community and across state and provincial lines to the U.S. Congress and Canadian Parliament.

An inaugural opportunity exists in the form of the newly established and award-winning National Advocacy Network.  Two distinct roles are available to U.S. and Canadian members, and we invite you now to join the outstanding roster of changemakers who have stepped up to lead the charge in not just raising AAOPAC contributions to aid our federal legislative and regulatory work – but to protect and defend the specialty at home. 

There are two ways for you to become more involved:

  1. Component Advocacy Liaison (CAL): open to U.S. and Canadian membership
  2. AAOPAC Captain: open to US membership

Dr. Matthew Evers

Dr. Christina Aponte

Within NESO, there exists continued opportunity to become involved.  We would like to recognize and thank the following NAN volunteer leaders within our constituent:

(L) Dr. Matthew Evers (MA) (CAL Team: ADA & Dental Specialty State Liaison)

(R) Dr. Christina Aponte (NY) (CAL) & 


Where there is existing NAN leadership, we continue to recruit for members to join these powerful state teams – so if you are interested in learning more about how to get involved and make a stand today but aren’t sure what to do next, just take it from one of our very own [Component Advocacy Liaisons/AAOPAC Captains], Dr. [FIRST NAME LAST NAME] (CAL/AAOPAC CAPT – STATE):

 If you’d like to learn more, text “NAN” to 52886, or email Kim VanVeen, AAO Specialist of Grassroots and Digital Advocacy (

Together, we can – and will – continue to lead the charge of protecting patient health.