Minimal Touch Orthodontics

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The Carriere System, featuring Sagittal First with Motion 3D, combined with virtual visits, reduces physical touches for enhanced safety, convenience and efficiency.  

As orthodontists ease back into clinical practice during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have a unique opportunity to revisit the way they interact with patients for greater safety and even greater efficiency. With HSO product offerings, clinicians can easily expand the number of virtual visits and minimize the total number of patient physical touches while freeing up critical chair time for must-see patients.

Carriere® Motion™ 3D Appliances for A/P correction, at the beginning of the treatment, expedite same-day starts, and the simple bonding protocol makes for a short initial appointment. Subsequent appointments can be managed virtually or through digital monitoring, where patients send photos of themselves for assessment of treatment progress. Treatment can be controlled remotely and quite successfully by simply adjusting the elastics protocol. Once overcorrection has been achieved, 3/16”, 2.5 oz. elastics are worn to prevent relapse until the patient’s next in-office visit. Plus, there are no emergency appointments with Motion. If a pad debonds, the patient can easily remove it, and unlike active appliances, Motion cannot over-correct.

With Class I achieved, Motion 3D is followed up with the feature-rich Carriere SLX 3D™ self-ligating appliance system and its complementary Carriere Series-M™ three-wire sequence with standardized sequencing protocols for accelerated treatment. This new wire product line includes a brand new, unique size .015 CuNitanium® Wire and the innovative 3-Wire Sequence protocol.  MOTION 3D™ Appliance not only corrects AP discrepancies, but it also stimulates initial tooth movement, which fosters smoother transitions into larger wires earlier in treatment. The overall outcome allows treatment to be standardized, simplified and achieved with less time in braces, reduced numbers of appointments, and shorter overall treatment times.

The goal of this complete Passive Self Ligation treatment system is to consistently achieve total treatment times of 12 months  with fewer in-office appointments, virtual workflow integration, and remote monitoring, key benefits for operating prudently in your new normal environment.

For more information about Motion and the complete Carriere Passive Self Ligation treatment system, visit or call your local HSO representative.