NESO 2023/24 Nominations

NESO 2023/24 Nominations

Posted August 18, 2023

The NESO Nominating Committee has posted their nominations of Officers, Delegates and Alternate Delegates for the 2023/24 term.


President:  Mariana Haughey
President-elect: Katherine Klein
Secretary:  Sercan Akyalcin
Treasurer:  Renee Pompei

Trustee:    Kenneth Webb



Philip Mansour (Delegate Chair)
Mariana Haughey
Katherine Klein  
Lee Erickson
Jeffrey Blasius
Salvatore Manente
Marlin Salmon
Lauren Vitkus

Alternate Delegates:

Sercan Akyalcin 
Renee Pompei
Thikriat Al-Jewair
Christopher Murphy