Neso Emerging Leader Summit: Leadership with some Disney Magic

Dr. Samantha Tagerman
NESO Communications Committee
Practices in Chestnut Hill, Walpole & Weston, MA

This September, I was lucky enough to attend the 2019 NESO Emerging Leader Summit. While this program had been on hiatus for a few years, I feel very fortunate that with the hard work of NESO leadership, it was resurrected and provided me the opportunity to not only hone my leadership skills, but also meet and engage with members from across our component areas. Held in coordination with the infamous Disney Institute, 22 of us made our way down to Orlando, FL for a two-day summit filled with engaging speakers, social networking, dynamic leadership exercises and, of course, fireworks. The smaller-sized group provided the perfect environment for senior leadership to meet with newer members, like myself, and share with us their different career paths and NESO experiences. In between discussions on different management tactics and effective leadership strategies, I was able to learn about the history, structure and governance of both NESO and the AAO. Since the group was a mix of both new and more senior members, I was able to sincerely get the perspectives from current leadership about how their involvement has positively enriched their lives, both personally and professionally. I am thankful to all of those who put the time and effort into planning this successful event and hope it will continue to engage members who are new to our profession to become active volunteers within NESO and the AAO.