In 2 1/2 weeks, NESOCON 2020 will kick off! Just a minute ago, the Fall season felt a million miles away. However, NESOCON 2020 planning has been in high gear as we continue to push out all the unique features of the 2020 NESO Annual Meeting, which has gone virtual, starting with events on October 6!

Since launching the website back in August, hopefully you have had a chance to check out some of the preview images that are posted at Our virtual Exhibit Hall is also “under construction,” and we are excited to welcome our top-level sponsors, who will host educational sessions with content that will not only inform but inspire.

Also featured are some of NESO’s own top speakers, including Won Moon, Lucia Cevidanes, and Neal Kravitz, delivering CE and education on MSE expansion, canine lateral substitutions and 3D imaging.

The engagement and experience are heightened with entertaining breaks that feature virtual concerts, unexpected cameo appearances from faces you know and love, including Drew Bledsoe, Joe Theisman and some familiar tunes, as well as visits from some unknown but just as lovable furry friends in California, among other fun surprises. To find out more, visit the NESOCON website here and register early!

This year is not as we expected, and many in our region and across our country have faced unprecedented hardships. However, at NESO, our mission remains to foster connections, promote goodwill among members, and starting October 6, bring back a reason to smile again. See you there!