Ortho2: Edge Cloud’s Pediatric Dentistry Software

Ortho2 is excited to announce that the Edge Cloud will soon include pediatric dentistry software! In addition to your orthodontic needs, Edge Specialist will include your pediatric dentistry needs – everything from an expanded tooth chart, to scheduler needs, and even updated financials and insurance.

Scheduler and Scheduler Bar

Edge Specialist will be integrated fully into the Scheduler so you can see and/or filter your schedule by specialty. Chairs can also be classified by specialty to easily schedule each appointment. You can even search for an appointment based on specialty in the Smart Scheduler. The Smart Scheduler will also allow you to make procedure groups on the fly to include multiple family members and contain more than one specialty.

You can select from appointment types for a particular specialty, or a combined list. And an appointment can include multiple procedures from the same, or different specialties. For example, one appointment might include one pediatric and two orthodontic procedures.

Patient Folder and Tooth Chart

If a patient is included in more than one specialty, icons will appear in their patient folder to quickly and easily toggle between each specialty.
The tooth chart has an easy-access list of procedures so you can quickly add an item to a tooth as a planned procedure. The procedures are listed in a tree view format, which can be searched, and sorted into favorites. Procedures can be classified by surface, whole tooth, or whole mouth. In addition, the pediatric dentistry tooth chart will have an icon to indicate if x-rays of specific teeth are available to view.

The treatment chart will include an area to take notes about planned procedures, and a place to view or alter billing codes and fees. Once a procedure is marked complete, the fee will be auto-posted to the responsible party, and insurance will be billed if appropriate.

Financials and Insurance

With Edge Specialist, financials and insurance can be completely separated or all inclusive – whatever fits your office best. Patients can have separate billing for both orthodontic and pediatric dentistry services. In addition, practice financial reports can be separated by specialty or combined to provide a complete financial picture.

And you don’t have to worry about insurance claims as they will be created automatically for dental procedures. With Edge Specialist, detailed insurance information is tracked, including plan maximums and coverage amount for each procedure.

New Animations

Several child-friendly animations will be added to our suite of Edge Animations with Edge Specialist. The videos teach children how to properly floss and brush, the importance of keeping their teeth clean, and other information regarding their oral health and what to expect when visiting the dentist.

Edge Specialist allows Ortho2 to build on its already solid platform for our orthodontic partners and eliminates the need for multiple programs and duplicate data entry. For more information about the Edge Cloud and/or Edge Specialist, contact your Ortho2 Regional Manager at or (800) 678-4644.