Partner with a Pioneer: A True Digital Innovator Introduces a New Full-Service Aligner Platform

Recently Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics announced the release of SureSmile Aligner, a new digital treatment planning platform for aligner based treatment. SureSmile Aligner is an extension of the SureSmile treatment system, a true pioneer in the field of digital orthodontic treatment. While the use of aligners to administer orthodontics is not a new concept, SureSmile Aligner brings a legacy of digital leadership and innovation. With multiple aligner companies entering the marketplace, here’s why SureSmile Aligner deserves a place in every practice’s offerings.

At the heart of the SureSmile Aligner is a robust, clinically driven treatment planning platform. SureSmile Aligner is driven by the proprietary OraMetrix software platform, one of the most advanced orthodontic digital treatment planning platforms, giving clinicians complete control of treatment. The unique digital-analysis features anatomically designed treatment based on the patient’s facial and intraoral profile.

Each aligner is custom designed to meet the clinician’s specific treatment plan while being anatomically designed to the patient’s facial photo. Ceph registered to 3D model and smile photo supports more biologically available outcomes that enable shorter, more-efficient treatment times.  A panoramic x-ray analysis ensures optimal root axis for the final digital set-up while facial registration of digital treatment plan data ensures ideal smile design. Plus, unlike other aligner systems, all SureSmile Aligner plans are digitally designed with ABO® graded finish.1

Another differentiating point from other aligner systems, the SureSmile Aligner system is part of an overall software system that delivers multiple treatment options within one software platform, SureSmile Ortho platform, formerly Elemetrix). This allows the clinician to select the option that best fits their practice. For example, within the platform a clinician has the ability to perform full aligner therapy or hybrid, including indirect bonding, depending on the specifics of the individual case. They also have the choice of having the aligners fabricated in SureSmile’s digital technology center or exporting the staged models for fast 3D printing in their office or lab.  The legacy SureSmile platform (“SureSmile Advanced”) also offers practices access to robotic wire bending and more advanced features which essentially deliver almost infinite treatment options with just one software platform.

Clinicians have options when it comes to how much control they want before and during full-service aligner treatment. They can choose Complete for greater flexibility, full-arch treatment and unlimited aligners (3 year limit applies) or they can choose Select which is ideal for treatment plans under a year and offer a pay-per-aligner structure.

Of course quality orthodontics is about more than beauty and aesthetics. It is about dental health. While the results are certainly worthy of the attention they receive, SureSmile Aligner’s 3D imaging technology keeps the treatment focused on the delivery of clinically- and fundamentally-sound dentistry.

If you’d like to learn more about SureSmile Aligner, and why it deserves a place among your treatment offerings, please join us at the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists for the SureSmile Breakfast Symposium to hear Dr. Brent Bankhead share his informed opinions on the many ways SureSmile and the SureSmile Aligner system can help clinicians better meet the wants and needs of their patients while giving them a clear point of differentiation from the competition. To explore more about SureSmile Aligner, please visit us online at To see the NESO meeting schedule, please visit

1) Li, et al. The effectiveness of the Invisalign appliance in extraction cases using the ABO model grading system: a multicenter randomized controlled trial. Int J Clin Exp Med. 2015 May 15;8(5):8276-82. eCollection 2015.

Kathy Artman/Caroline Weaver
Dentsply Sirona Orthodontics

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