Speaker Spotlight for the 2017 NESO Annual Meeting!

We’re excited to have such a strong scientific program planned for the 2017 NESO Annual Meeting, to be held at the Boston Marriott Copley Place from November 9-12. The program features some of the best speakers in orthodontics, technology, sleep apnea, TMJ, surgery first and absolute anchorage.

Here’s a glimpse of the caliber of speakers you’ll find on site:

Dr. Jeffrey Okeson, “TMD and Orthodontic Therapy: An Update”

Dr. Jeffrey Okeson is currently a professor, Division Chief, and Program Director of the Orofacial Pain Program, which he established at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. Dr. Okeson comes to NESO with thorough knowledge on temporomandibular disorders, TMD and orthodontic therapy.

Professionals are on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to determining if orthodontic therapy is a primary cause of temporomandibular disorders or if it has nothing to do with it at all. Dr. Okeson believes the truth falls somewhere in between. His presentation will put TMD into perspective by highlighting data to prove that the relationship with orthodontic therapy is beneficial to identify as it relates on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Okeson also notes it is necessary to understand how orthodontic therapy can influence masticatory and to know when orthodontic therapy is appropriate to treat a client with temporomandibular disorder.

His presentation for NESO 2017 will focus on the relationship and the controversy of temporomandibular disorders. Dr. Okeson will ensure you have a better understanding of how orthodontic therapy may be an etiologic factor in TMD. His lecture will also help you describe the role of orthodontic therapy in managing TMD.


Junji Sugawara

Dr. Junji Sugawara, “Anchorage”

Dr. Junji Sugawara is known to many as the Father of Anchorage. He has gained this title because he has worked for more than two decades in dental Anchorage to diagnose, design and implement technology for clinical practices. Currently, Dr. Sugawara is the Director of SAS Orthodontic Centre, Ichiban-cho Dental Office, in Sendai, Japan. He is also a Visiting Clinical Professor at the Division of Orthodontics, School of Dental Medicine, at the University of Connecticut.

To continue on the theme of orthodontic innovations at NESO 2017, Dr. Sugawara will present his in-depth knowledge of the development of anchorage. In his recently published book, he discusses the development of Skeletal Anchorage System (SAS). SAS utilizes titanium miniplates and monocortical screws as temporary anchorage devices. Dr. Sugawara’s book also touches on the basis of a new treatment modality for a surgical patient referred to as surgery first followed by an orthodontic alignment.

His presentation will include the SAS and the protocols of surgery first (SF). You’ll find out more about how to approach the system of Anchorage, enhancing the academic excellence, and the clinical perfection of anchorage for an orthodontist.


NESO members wanted more variety to choose from for the learning sessions, and that’s exactly what we have this year. Take a look at the names of those who will be leading the sessions, panels and hands-on workshops:

  • Ken Alexander
  • Ryan Alexander
  • Rita Bauer
  • Sebastian Baumgaertel
  • Lucia Cevidanes
  • Landy Chase
  • Brandon Collier
  • Sean Edwards
  • Todd Ehrler
  • Donna Galante
  • Joan Garbo
  • Len Kaban
  • Katie Klein
  • Harry Legan
  • Mary Kay Miller
  • Aaron Molen
  • Jeff Okeson
  • Larry Oxenham
  • Zach Peacok
  • Leanne Peniche
  • Derek Steinbacher
  • Junji Sugawara
  • Flavio Uribe
  • Sunil Wadhwa
  • Charlene White
  • Paul Zuelke

With an extensive speaker program lineup, we hope you are as excited about the NESO 2017 Annual Meeting as we are.