Sponsor Spotlight: DentalMonitoring

Data is everywhere. Put yours to work.

In modern orthodontic practice, you need to make data-driven decisions to solve problems and create efficient workflows. In order to grow, you’ll need to understand your practice data. The question is: “What data do I need to improve my practice?”

Data collection can be a thankless task involving outdated techniques like counting and filling out spreadsheets. To optimize your practice and improve clinical quality, you need to eliminate the possibility of human error that can skew your data. Up-to-date unbiased data is essential to identify and track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You can’t rely on inferences based on past experiences, and you can’t wait months to aggregate enough experience to reach a consensus about the health of your practice.

DM Insights can influence every corner of your practice. This one-stop data visualization tool, located in the DentalMonitoring dashboard, provides a whole new level of clinical information to drive practice innovation. No other system or software in the industry comes close to this level of useful data. DM Insights gives you up-to-date feedback about the success of their protocols, techniques, usage and practice analytics to proactively solve problems and create efficient clinical workflows. DM Insights tracks the KPIs you need: practice activity, clinical data, patient compliance and lead engagement. In addition, DM Insights lets you compare your practice data with other practices using DentalMonitoring.

Working with up-to-date KPIs in DM Insights means team members can focus on solving problems and creating practice improvements instead of spending time measuring, counting, and filling out spreadsheets. Practice activity metrics show the usage of DentalMonitoring and how remote monitoring leads to improved treatment outcomes.

As practices use DM Insights to track clinical data, they will be able to elevate their quality of care. Dr. Barry Benton said, “We have been able to utilize DM Insights to train new clinical employees and provide data-backed metrics for existing employees.”

Patients are looking for the most convenient treatment plans and have more options for care than ever before. But convenient treatment requires active patient compliance in scanning, which means you need to track this KPI in DM Insights. Improved, data-driven communication promotes active patient participation and compliance, which drives treatment results. Dr. Boyd Whitlock explains, “DM Insights allows us to be proactive by communicating with patients before they have a problem.”

Before you grow your practice, you first need to know your potential patients and demonstrate your ability to provide excellent treatment. DM Insights tracks lead engagement for practices by showing every stage of the SmileMate funnel and how that leads to patient conversion. 

Benchmarking your practice against others in the field allows you to stay on track and set practice goals. For patients, it’s easy to feel the fatigue of long treatment times, but as Dr. Brynn Cooper points out, “DM Insights shows us our average case length is shorter than most.”

For more information on how remote monitoring can help your practice, we encourage you to attend Dr. Glaser and Dr. Gostovich’s session, “Improve the Patient Experience and Quality of Care while Optimizing Your Practice,” on Saturday, September 24 | 3:30 – 4:00 pm at MASO / NESO. They will present their professional experiences using remote monitoring technology and share specific cases that show how DentalMonitoring helps improve clinical control, reduce their workload and stress, and provide patients with a convenient experience.

Additionally, DentalMonitoring will be at booths 6 & 7 to answer any questions about how DM Insights can use data to improve your practice.