Support, Growth, and Community: It’s the myOrthos Way!

It’s no surprise that the orthodontic market continues to evolve and grow at a rapid pace. The past few years, amidst the pandemic, have proven to have an impact on practices, business models and the entire industry. Looking forward, we are anticipating a recessionary impact. It is more important than ever that we consider the competitive landscape and focus on best methods to support each other.

Founded in 2019, myOrthos is a next-generation orthodontist-exclusive platform that supports orthodontic independence and individualized patient care with a scalable business infrastructure.  As 2022 comes to a close and myOrthos prepares for aggressive expansion goals in the new year ahead, the team continues to prioritize growth and support for their doctor partner and clinics. Above all else, the commitment to clinical autonomy and building a sense of community focused on orthodontic excellence remains its mission.

Running a practice requires much from doctors and the entire team and often makes finding networking opportunities and the time to escape your daily workload extremely difficult. myOrthos feels that its approach to physician networking, education and growth is unrivaled. From regular check-ins to routine regional dinners to networking events, such its annual provider summit, the myOrthos team prioritizes building a community where doctors, and their supporting teams, can thrive and feel connected.

Ultimately, myOrthos works with its orthodontists to identify and understand their personal, professional and financial goals, and works to craft a partnership that helps meet those goals.  In doing so, a distinguished and devoted focus is placed on providing partners with industry-leading support, guidance, and the autonomy to practice orthodontics the way they feel it should be practiced. The myOrthos community of orthodontists features a roster of top-in-class professionals who enjoy what they do and how they can do it. Through continued collaboration and innovation, the team works with its doctors to present options that will help clinically and operationally, while still giving them the freedom and flexibility to preserve the uniqueness of their practice. 

At myOrthos, there are many strategic goals ranging from growing orthodontic practices to streamlining operations. It’s the myOrthos belief that none of these goals are attainable without allowing practitioners to retain their own clinical autonomy and follow their proven process that has helped build a successful practice. The myOrthos leadership team is comprised of business experts across many industries. With patient care being the top priority, the team commits resources to support orthodontists doing what they do best – creating smiles!

The myOrthos model allows orthodontists to:

  • Focus on patient care
  • Retain clinical autonomy
  • Eliminate practice management headaches
  • Monetize the practice value they have worked hard to build
  • Grow practices with unrivaled resources
  • Experience an improved work-life balance

Now one of the largest Orthodontic Support Organizations (OSO) in the United States, myOrthos supports 72 practice locations and 68 orthodontists in 13 states and growing. If you’re interested in learning more about the myOrthos partnership model or company, please