Trustee Reflections: A Final Message

Dr. John Callahan

Dr. John Callahan, NESO Trustee

If you are reading this message, it means you care. You care about our profession and assuring it remains recognized as the leading voice when it comes to orthodontic treatment for the consumer. Thank you for being you.

As a trustee, I have come to understand that sustaining our profession takes a village. Adding orthodontic voices like yours is critical to our future success.

I have always felt that “tapping” someone on their shoulder and asking for their help has been meaningful. Everyone feels good about being wanted. But usually, there are very reasonable questions about what might be involved in both time and expectations. That’s easier to do in person. Covid threw a major curveball in the opportunity to ask folks like you for help.

Right now, the stars are aligning for those interested in helping move our profession forward. The AAO and NESO are reimagining how we promote and defend our specialty particularly when it comes to advocacy, inclusion, and engagement of both our members and our communities and communication. We need everyone’s talent as each of you is an influencer in some way.

So, I am reaching out virtually and tapping you on the shoulder. We need you to be a player on this fabulous team. We will help you be better and, as a team, we will help sustain this awesome profession.

If you are still reading this then stop, take a moment to hit this link… It will start you on a journey that will have meaning and will also be fun. We have the greatest profession on the face of the earth. Let’s all keep it that way.

I look forward to meeting you and intend to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable joining this great team.

Dr. John Callahan
NESO Trustee