Trustee Update: AAO Wharton March 2021 e-News

The AAO will also be offering innovative programs that will be available to members later this spring and in the fall, and I am all about understanding best business practices, particularly given the accelerated changes caused by the pandemic. 

We are all excellent at moving teeth but many of us struggle with the business aspects of running a practice. None of us came out of our residency programs knowing how to run a practice. But we learn and like our clinical skills, we continue to learn. But where can we get that business education that really focuses on running a practice in today’s world? Up to now, there has been a large void which the AAO has now filled.

Build Business and Leadership Skills from Wharton School of Business

Collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, the AAO will offer a specially designed program to help members accelerate the growth of their practices by building essential business and leadership skills.

The program will feature Wharton’s world-class faculty and custom orthodontic content. One of the things this pandemic has taught us is just how effective online learning can be when done right. To reach as many orthodontists as possible, this program will be delivered online in a self-guided, asynchronous format one class cohort at a time. Each class will receive support from business coaches and each other throughout the program. Much more to come but know this business education program will be piloted this summer and is expected to launch in late 2021. 

AAO is making this spring more special for members by launching new and innovative programs. Our member strategic plan outlines three goals:

  • Promote and defend our specialty
  • Engage and delight our members
  • Drive transformation and innovation

AAO’s upcoming programs will successfully reach each of these goals. Please look at them carefully. I truly believe they will help make your practice more successful.

Please stay well and be safe. You can always reach me at or 315-569-8219.


John Callahan, Trustee- Northeastern Society of Orthodontists