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In 2014 we launched our program NESO Connected. NESO connected is a collaborative effort between NESO and Solutions by Design developed specifically to provide free, on-going education on the practical use of technology in orthodontics. This program is exclusive to NESO members. Webinar sessions provide marketing, management and clinical content as it pertains to technology presented by leaders in their perspective industries.

Since the launch of NESO Connected we have hosted 7 amazing webinars. Each webinar have issued insight into different areas of orthodontics, all with the goal of helping educate our members. This exclusive content is only available to NESO members. With that being said when you miss a webinar you are not totally out of luck. After each webinar we store the complete webinar in our archives for later viewing.

Check out the full list of our NESO Connected archive:

Presented: May 11, 2015

Dr. Waugh: Carestream CS3500 Intraoral Scanners

This presentation explains how using the Carestream CS3500 intraoral scanner for communicating with the orthodontic lab to produce models and/or appliances optimizes clinical efficiency and benefits the practice in a variety of ways. The course will walk through real life scenarios, advantages and challenges of implementing an intra-oral digital scanner into your orthodontic practice.   This course will go beyond the basics of simply using a scanner for clear aligners and will address how to incorporate a digital scanner for all of your clinical impression needs.   We will explore details such as how to select the proper scanner, how to train your staff, scheduling factors that must be addressed and how to communicate with your orthodontic lab for streamlined workflow and perfect fitting appliances.

Presented: April 27, 2015

Solutions By Design: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this webinar you will learn the fundamental basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why it is important to have a solid SEO strategy for your website. You will learn about the various things that search engines look for and what they consider important, and also about things that you shouldn’t do. Various SEO terms and phrases will be explained, and many of the things about SEO that you may find mysterious will be made clear.

Presented: April 13, 2015

Jesse Howard & Drew Humphrey, Ortho2: Optimized Management in the Cloud

Join Ortho2’s Jesse Howard (Lead Systems Consultant), Matt Hilleman (Vice President Development), and Derek Dohrman (Advanced Software Support Technician) to learn about cloud computing, the different connection, approaches and Ortho2’s approach.

Presented: January 26, 2015

Dr. Ron Roncone: Practice Management & “JSOP”

Orthodontics has gone through vast changes in appliances and technology over the past 25 years. Yet, with all the advances it does not seem like our treatment of patient’s malocclusions have advanced at the same rate.  Many questions still remain:

  • Why does it take so long to finish cases?
  • Why do we need so many wires for “straight wire” techniques?
  • Why so many emergencies?
  • Is friction really a problem?
  • What about self-ligating brackets?
  • These questions and many more questions need answering. This presentation will give an overview of Dr. Roncone’s philosophy and how to simplify the complex with the PhysioDynamicSystem(PDS).

    Presented: November 17, 2014

    ClearCorrect: Strategies to Improve the Efficiency of Clear Aligner Therapy

    This webinar will focus on the current status of clear aligner therapy, biomechanical limitations and strategies to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. An evidence-based discussion of aligner shortcomings will be presented along with clinical solutions to these problems. Join this webinar Learn about the nature of aligners and how to prevent common problems with aligners from ClearCorrect.

    Presented: October 20, 2014


    Presented: September 22, 2014

    Solutions by Design: Social Media Programs

    Watch as Sheri and Taleesha of Solutions by Design give a presentation on the importance of Social Media for your practice. Through this webinar you will learn about the benefits of social media, which platforms are best and how to successfully use social media.

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