Women In Ortho Agenda

Check out the 6 lectures scheduled for the Women in Ortho at #NESONYC16 below!

Women in Orthodontics Agenda

  1. Unique Challenges of Women Orthodontists; Dr. Gorczyca and Dr. Galante
  2. It All Starts With Marketing: 36 Marketing Tips for 2016; Dr. Gorczyca
  3. Membership Has Its Privileges: Getting Patients to Join Your “AA” Club; Dr. Galante
  4. Hitting Your Targets: Goal Setting for You and Your Team; Dr. Galante
  5. Work Life Balance: Your Happiness and Success; Dr. Gorczyca
  6. Leadership: The Ultimate Secret to Professional and Personal Success; Dr. Gorczyca and Dr. Galante

We are very excited to be sharing these with you all and can’t wait for #NESONYC16!