COVID-19 Resources

Dear Members,

In an effort to provide useful and relevant updates to NESO members for consideration of COVID19 and their practices during a time when recommendations and news are in flux and change frequently, we are providing a comprehensive list of websites that link to recommendations and mandates in the northeastern region of the US and Canada. Please check back on your local sites regularly for any updates. If you have relevant information that is not included here, please send us an email at Be well.

From NESO:
The AAO recommends that its members follow all applicable federal, state and local authorities’ guidance concerning closure recommendations. However, consistent with guidance issued by the ADA, orthodontists should use their professional judgment in determining a patient’s need for urgent or emergency care. The AAO believes emergency orthodontic care includes care that will relieve pain and/or infection, is trauma-related, or is critically necessary to prevent harm to the patient.


National Resources







State/Provincial Resources

United States

Connecticut State Dental Association
Maine Dental Association
Massachusetts Dental Society
New Hampshire Dental Society
New York State Dental Association
Rhode Island Dental Association
Vermont State Dental Society


Canadian Association of Orthodontists
Canadian Dental Association
Dental Association of Prince Edward Island
Federation of Specialist Dentists of Quebec
Newfoundland & Labrador Dental Association
New Brunswick Dental Society
Nova Scotia Dental Association
Ontario Dental Association
The Order of Quebec Dentists
Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia


Other Resources



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